Nutritionists & Detoxification

Culinary classes in Singapore and retreats in Bali with a focus on healthy eating for wellness. Detox workshops over 3 days in Singapore.
Integration of Western medicine with traditional healing for your health needs. 1 Coleman St, #03-19 The Adelphi, Singapore, 179083.
Naturopath doctor to help with health issues using methods such as nutrition, lifestyle changes, medicinal herbs and homeopathy.
Medical nutritionist, nutritional, health and life-style education for both private people and corporates.
Detox programs including colon hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation), coffee enema and far infra-red sauna. 1 Orchard Boulevard, #12-09 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649.
Holistically helping with ailments, chronic diseases and pains. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Seminars and workshops to help people achieve better physical health, higher energy and uplifted awareness. Yoga classes and nutrition.
Product system that enhances youth by working at the cellular level.
Naturopathy focusing on the prevention of illness and the use of non-toxic, natural, and effective methods of treatment. 545 Orchard Road, #14-02 Far East Shopping Centre.
Detox and Naturopath programme for good health, weight loss, clear complexion and symptoms of chronic diseases.
Dietetics and nutrition for digestive problems, weight loss, migraine, stress related issues, diabetes type 2, cholesterol and blood pressure lowering and for child related issues. 44/45 Rochester Park, Singapore 139248.
Diet plans and nutrition advice for weight goals, alternatives to antibiotics, detox programs and provides nutritional therapy for health conditions.
Fresh cold-press juices, super food smoothies, nut milk and cleanses. Online and by phone.
Health solutions include detoxification and drainage, strengthening of immune system, nutrition and cellular regeneration.  
Cranial sacral therapy, energy psychology, orthomolecular medicine, heavy metals detoxification, behaviour and learning and disorders in children, iridology, hypnotherapy, flower remedies and nutritional advice.
Health, beauty and wellness services: corporate and community health programs, health talks and workshops, nutrition and dietetics, sports and wellness. 10 Sinaran Drive, #10-28 Novena Medical Center, Singapore, 307506.
Hair tissue mineral analysis that can determine whether the body has the correct balance of vitamins and minerals. 583 Orchard road, #16-01 Forum Shopping Mall, Singapore.
Goji juice, extracted from the Goji berry, claims to make you feel good, sleep well and promote overall health.
Nutritional consultation. Nutritional evaluations, tests for mineral and toxicity levels, food intolerances and detoxification capablities.
Body composition assessment, special diet plans, professional supplements, nutrition and medicine programmes. 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #03-02. Singapore 228210.
Health consultants, nutritional supplements and workshops. Plus The Living Cafe serving raw and healthy food. 779 Bukit Timah, Singapore 588824.
Anti-oxidant therapy to release toxins and improve health. 1 Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574633.
Individual nutritional consultation and advice for men and women and nutrition talks for small groups or community.
Nutritionist; services include individual consultations, cooking lessons, supermarket tours, pantry detox and workshops.
Organic cold-pressed juices, cleanses and snacks. Delivery available. Online and at 54 Cashew Road, #02-02, Singapore 679635.
Deep tissue body therapy, sports massage, holistic aromatherapy, manual lymph drainage, reflexology, sports nutrition and clinical nutrition. #06-31 Tanglin Shopping Centre.
Float in 11 inches of water with magnesium sulphate salt: pain/inflamatin, skin condition, detoxification. 10 Sinaran Drive #10-21, Novena Medical Centre, Singapore 307506.
Nutrition coach for losing weight, increasing energy levels, removing stress, becoming more confident and improving overall health and fitness.
Weight loss coaching and nutrition programs for adults and children.
Importer and distributor of Far Infrared Sauna Cabins and Sauna Domes for home, offices, spa centres, beauty salons, health and wellness centres, hospitals, clubs and fitness centres.
Health and nutrition coaching service for weight loss and hormonal health issues such as menopause/andropause, PMS, POS, infertility, organic erectile dysfunction, diabetes and stress.
Nutritionist and naturopath. Treatment of health problems via clinical, nutrional and herbal therapy, diet, detox, natural medicine and iridology diagnosis. Corporate workshops and talks.
Online store for detox and colon cleansing products. The website also contains information on health issues and healing tools.
Colon hydrocleansing also known as Colonic irrigation. 290 Orchard Road, #09-09/10 Paragon Medical Centre, Singapore 238859.
Health talks and seminars concerning natural healing remedies in Singapore. Distributor of several health books and organic products such as Wild Himalayan Honey.
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