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Good Hairdresser 7 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I was on the FB - Expat Wives page where several people recommended a good hairdresser that turned out to be ter...
started by: Sarah-Holdsworth-854920 · last update: 1469341392 · posted: 1468060561
Olympic Games 2 Sport & Leisure
My goodness just found out that live Olympic games will not be shown live!!! Any ideas where to watch live strea...
started by: Rock Star · last update: 1469335323 · posted: 1469195925
IPG 2 Financial & Legal
I highly recommend International Protection Group for helping us with a health insurance that covers maternity a...
started by: Verna · last update: 1469283307 · posted: 1468891602
Leather & Fabric Sofa 2 Home & Garden
Looking for leather or fa...
started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1469254484 · posted: 1467015523
Art Workshop for Kids 3 Families & Kids
I have enrolled my children to ARThaus and they loved it! The teachers were very good at handling the kids and w...
started by: shygirl · last update: 1469241703 · posted: 1464062119
International Schools in Singapore 2 Families & Kids
there is some excellent info of all the International schools in Singapore under 
started by: Sarah-Holdsworth-854920 · last update: 1469067739 · posted: 1468731402
Home Tuition in Singapore 1 Families & Kids
I find a lot of different tuition service in Singapore. As a parent, sometimes I feel confuse to choose the good...
started by: Alicia-Zhao-864050 · last update: 1469019680 · posted: 1468382085
for the sale 1 General
for the sale 
started by: Max -Su-863153 · last update: 1468589630 · posted: 1468512963
Voice Coach 2 Families & Kids
Please help me find a voice coach  
started by: Verna · last update: 1468395369 · posted: 1467251189
Successor of PM Cameron 1 General
I am looking forward to what Theresa May will bring to the table as she takes on the leadership from UK's PM Dav...
started by: Hannah · last update: 1468392589 · posted: 1468291927
Brexit 6 General
EU Referendum is still too close to call. I hope as a country we have made the right decision.
started by: Stuart · last update: 1468290753 · posted: 1466740585
Renovation Contractor 1 Home & Garden
Would like to recommend United Team Lifestyle Pte Ltd as the most valued renovation contractor to provide custom...
started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1468136523 · posted: 1467867223
Coffee Making Lessons 1 Food & Drink
My husband bought me a full set equipment for pour over coffee. I want to learn some barista skills. Any ideas wher...
started by: weena · last update: 1467940943 · posted: 1467860355
Wealth Manager 4 Financial & Legal
I would like to recommend Byron, he is doing a good job with our financial planning. He is an expat himself. His...
started by: ZZZzzz · last update: 1467798740 · posted: 1465526202
US Tax Expert 0 Financial & Legal
Can you please recommend a tax specialist that handles tax accounts of American expats? Thank you.
started by: Kae · last update: 1467774377 · posted: 1467774377
US Holiday 1 General
Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!
started by: babylon · last update: 1467688227 · posted: 1467637621
Stem Cell Therapy 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Do you know an accredited doctor/hospital who can perform Stem cell therapy? I need it for my husband's conditio...
started by: Barbaramil · last update: 1467683921 · posted: 1467253577
Pillow Cases 5 Home & Garden
Hi, I want to update my pillow cases. But so far I haven't found what I am looking for - that Aha moment where y...
started by: Verna · last update: 1467605163 · posted: 1466477757
Feng Shui Expert 0 Home & Garden
I am looking for a feng shui expert who can help us with decorating our home. Thank  you.
started by: ZZZzzz · last update: 1467596769 · posted: 1467596769
Cord Blood Blank 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I haven't shared this yet. Before giving birth, a friend of mine suggested that I should save my baby's cord blo...
started by: Unicorn · last update: 1467081566 · posted: 1466084106
Study Desk for Kids 0 General
The Ni-Night study desk for kids it has been made from solid hardwood.  It is fantastic for the bu...
started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1466753350 · posted: 1466753350
Father's Day Buffet 4 Food & Drink
Hi, I haven't booked yet. I'm hoping to treat my husband to a nice family restaurant with great food. Any ideas ...
started by: redwine · last update: 1466562124 · posted: 1466170121
Airlines - BA or Qatar 1 General
We have been using Qatar Airlines to the UK - biz class as very good prices a the seats and service amazing - do...
started by: Jennifer · last update: 1466477893 · posted: 1466323718
Les Miserables 1 Entertainment
The story doesn't get old and it still tugs my heart despite having watched it in broadway and West End. You can st...
started by: redwine · last update: 1466230602 · posted: 1466126052
Looking for a Podiatrist 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can you please recommend a good podiatrist that specialises in sports medicine? Thanks
started by: ulyses · last update: 1466085039 · posted: 1463150234
Surrogate 9 Health, Fitness & Beauty
We recently found out that I am unable to conceive. I still want my biological child that's why my husband and I...
started by: romeryx · last update: 1465977498 · posted: 1464333130
English/Tagalog Cookbook 2 Food & Drink
Found this cookbook in this website entitled A Helping Hand for my Filipino maid. It's been very helpful to her ...
started by: Barbaramil · last update: 1465871587 · posted: 1464922625
Singapore Interior Design Company 0 Home & Garden
I highly recommend Brilliant Design Works Pte Ltd, a local renovation contractor and interior design company wit...
started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1465806767 · posted: 1465806767
Soccer School for Adults 2 Sport & Leisure
I have recently joined an adults training program at Turf City through Espzen Soccer School. I had so much fun w...
started by: HUW · last update: 1465527586 · posted: 1464877043
Lion Dance Group 1 Entertainment
I'm organizing an office event and we need fire dancers and lion dancers. I hope you can refer me to a group. Thank...
started by: nix2009 · last update: 1465483269 · posted: 1464683723
Daycare & Kindergarten 2 Families & Kids
Hi,I am Spanish and my husband is French. We will be moving to Amsterdam in a couple of months. Can I put my...
started by: Jo-17555 · last update: 1465199882 · posted: 1465096820
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well & Living ... 2 Entertainment
I went and saw this last night - it was amazing. The performance was engaging and emotional and the cast was sim...
started by: Jennifer · last update: 1465025978 · posted: 1464402749
Car Battery 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello, I need to buy a new car battery. I don't know which brand to buy. What's the most durable brand in the ma...
started by: qtox · last update: 1464881709 · posted: 1464595399
Best Pilates studio in Bukit Timah 2 Sport & Leisure
Anyone recommend a good pilates studio and tell me the price guide thanks
started by: Sarah-Holdsworth-854920 · last update: 1464510586 · posted: 1463292538
Storage Space for Rent 1 General
Store4you Pte Ltd is running a PROMO Offer :SGD 1.99 per sq feet for 100 sq
started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1464408049 · posted: 1464328778
Carpet Cleaning 0 General
Should I go for Hot water extraction of carpet cleaning or just get it dry cleaned? Which one would be the best?...
started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1464078079 · posted: 1464078079
Issues with my helper 6 General
Just discovered that she is having an affaire with her old boss who is Australian, married with 2 young children...
started by: Jennifer · last update: 1464077652 · posted: 1463190858
Looking for a Maid 2 Home & Garden
Our family is new here and I am wondering where and how we can look for a maid. Any help is appreciated.
started by: Jane · last update: 1463970637 · posted: 1463391359
EgyptAir 2 General
Another missing airplane. It does make me paranoid sometimes when we travel :-(Praying for everybody on b...
started by: redwine · last update: 1463845886 · posted: 1463666507
Blues Musician 1 Entertainment
Can someone help me look for a blues musician who can perform at a friend's wedding?
started by: nix2009 · last update: 1463709572 · posted: 1463467204
Theatre Arts for Kids 1 Families & Kids
One of my kids wants to do theatre. I am hoping you can recommend a theatre group that conducts classes for 8 ye...
started by: Weena · last update: 1463709458 · posted: 1463640719
Nursing Wear 1 General
Where can I buy good quality nursing wear aside from online? I want to be able to fit the clothes. Thank you.
started by: unicorn · last update: 1463667931 · posted: 1463547669
Alternative to Champagne 0 Food & Drink
What's a good alternative for champagne that is also bubbly? I am helping a friend who is organizing her own wed...
started by: redwine · last update: 1463149321 · posted: 1463149321
Bag Repair 1 General
The zipper on my luggage needs to be replaced. Can you please recommend a bag repair centre? Thank you.
started by: nix2009 · last update: 1463058958 · posted: 1462885385
Bike Rental 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Is there a park that rents out bikes? Thanks.
started by: Lex · last update: 1462981005 · posted: 1462630349
Canvass Frame 1 General
I am looking for a framing company that does canvass framing. Thank you.
started by: carree · last update: 1462952583 · posted: 1462931978
Garden Furniture 2 Home & Garden
Where can I buy affordable and beautiful garden furniture that is unique and can be customised for my garden?
started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1462670987 · posted: 1462514824
Commercial Renovation 0 Home & Garden
I highly recommend Brilliant Design Works a local interior design company that deals with all kinds of renovatio...
started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1462515646 · posted: 1462515646
Outdoor & Garden Furniture 0 Home & Garden
Is there any difference between Modern outdoor furniture and contempora...
started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1462262763 · posted: 1462262763
Looking for a Private Tutor 0 Families & Kids
I hope you can refer me to a private tutor who can teach all subjects. Thanks.
started by: weena · last update: 1462200332 · posted: 1462200332