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I'm thinking of buying one. Need your opinion though about its performance and if Sg has enough charging stations. Many thanks.

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I was really annoyed at receiving a fine for supposedly not having my IU .. in my ERP's machine on entering CBD. I got a letter with a fine of $8.50. I sent a fax saying that it was not possible as I used it that day immediately after gaining access to the CBD in an ERP parking lot. They sent me a letter to ask that I take the car to an inspection centre to check the IU and the cash card...I paid the fine as I know there is nothing wrong with the IU as this was the cheaper option and less hassle than spending 2 hours finding an inspection centre and going through the process...however I did phone the LTA and have a moan...apparently when traffic is heavy their gantries can make errors, but they insist on you checking your IU first!!!!! Anyone else had a problem with this

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Check out the road closures and rerouting:http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/road-closures-expected-for-national-day-parade-on-aug-9

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My friend is going back to Europe and wants to dispose his car immediately. He offered it to me but asked me to take care of all the documents. What sort of documents do we need? Can you please refer me to a website where I could find all the information I need. Thank you.

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I am looking for a second hand car. I am not sure though if it's alright to buy from the second hand car dealers or through an individual owner. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I am seeing bikes around Singapore parked up with a serial number on them and a special padlock - I wonder is this something like the Boris Bikes in London, cant see anaything about it anywhere

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Does any Singapore Forum Member know of an online document (that can be downloaded) that explains the rules relating to the purchase of both new and used cars.If you do could you please provide a link to the document in your reply.Thank you.Dan

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Do any Angloinfo members have an email address for the Nissan sales department?  The holding company for Nissan dealerships is Tan Chong Motor Sales.I want some information about purchasing one of their models but simply cannot find an email address for their sales department.Thanks.Dan

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In April of this year I read a Singapore government paper that stated that the registration and taxes associated with electric vehicles was going to be reviewed.  There was also a commitment to install 2000 charging points across Singapore over the next 2 years.I would be grateful if AI members, who are currently living in Singapore, would provide me with an update as to what progress has been made with respect to the above.Thanks in advance.Dan

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Looking for a good auto mechanic. I would appreciate your recommendations.

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I know I am outdated here but I just want to know your experience of using Uber. I haven't tried it.

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This is interesting, you can get paid by having your car turn into an advertising car billboard. Would you be willing to make your car into one?

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Hello, I need to buy a new car battery. I don't know which brand to buy. What's the most durable brand in the market? Thank you.

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Is there a park that rents out bikes? Thanks.

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I am looking for a cheaper set of car tires, what is a good place to buy them?

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A friend of mine is visiting and he wants to explore Singapore using a motorbike. Does he need to have a special license? Where can he rent a motorbike? 

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My son is getting married and I want to surprise him with a really nice vintage car. Can anybody recommend where I could get the best car with the best rate for vintage? Thanks.

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Has anyone got recommendations for relieable dealers for either brand new or used scooters?

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Someone told me that even if you look at your phone at a traffic light you will be in troubl and said the rules had changed but I can only find this from last Feb - has anything changed? Amendments to the Road Traffic Act, Section 65BAs of 1 February 2015, it is now an offence to operate any function of a mobile communication device while holding the device and driving. Mobile Communication devices include mobile telephones and tablet computers. READ MORE!  

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Looking to bike with friends whose visiting over the weekend. Any recommendations on bike trails worth checking out? Heard about the one in Tampines, anything elese?

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