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I'm booked to do my basic theory test next week and was just wondering if anyone cam tell me how many questions you are asked in the test and what the pass rate is. Thanks

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Isabel-20115 1222279406

From memory I think it is 50 questions and you can only get a maximum of 5 wrong

calleigh 1222428199

Pass mark is 90%

allseasons-23595 1228115388


I am planning to do my 'Basic Theory Test' for converting my license to Spore driving license in January next year.

Anyone knows what book I can buy for me to read / study before the test? My friend said I can get it at Popular bookshop, but she forgot the title. I would very happy if anyone could let me know the title of the driving test book, so I can go and get one for myself...

Jennifer 1228123004

The Basic theory book can be bought at a driving centre or any book shop, including Popular.


catswhiskers-18079 1228128645

Allseasons, the book is just called the Basic Theory Test, and can also be bought at petrol/service stations around the place as well.

Don't get the Final Theory book it isn't the one you want!

allseasons-23595 1228157450

Many thanks Catwhiskers. Cheers...

JS-18761 1228208126

There are 50 multiple choice questions (MCQ) which have to be completed within 50 minutes.

Out of the 50 questions, at least 45 (90%) of them need to be answered correctly in order to pass the test.

Definitely read the book but I would recommend an online test questionaire as well like Many of the same questions were on this website and I don't think I or my husband would have passed if we had not used this.


Mrs C-17754 1228305273

There's a fantastic online site that you can practise on

Mrs C

RaffyB 1228394019

I ended up using to help me before I did my basic theory tests. I can honestly say if I did not use this resource I don't think I would of passed.

kathyangel 1330707674

Try if you need a practice test (I highly suggest to use a mock test, to get a feel about the real deal.).

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