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Some friends of ours are planning to go biking in Asia this summer. Any suggestions that have stunning views and safe for Caucasians to travel on bike? Thanks.

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Benny Lee 1335437273

Chiang Mai Northern Thailand has the most advanced biking tour in this side of the world.

minimaliz 1335517639

Agreed with Benny. Thailand is very bike friendly and safe. There are many attractions suited for biking. Central Thailand is generally quite flat so it's quite comfortable. Western part of Thailand, a place called Suan Phung near the Burmese border is lush and green. Bike Hash Bangkok organises hashes there every now and then. Another popular route is Bangkok to Siem Reap. You can check out Spice Roads (a bike tour company) for their itineraries to get an idea. Do take note when travelling on trains across the country though. Unlike in Europe, only specific trains with cargo allows you to take your bike along.

Verna-53243 1335615249

Thank you very much for all your input. Much appreciated.

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