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I don't get the COE thing! I just need a simple answer.. Is it a good time to buy an SUV now? Thanks.

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David-17601 1335015118

COE is complex - all about supply and demand..the government only allows a certain of new cars on the road each year...and depending on the demand for people buying cars will push the COE prices up.

I bought a new car 5 years ago with a low COE ( tax) and because the same new car 5 years later cost double what mine did 5 years ago because of the higher COE, I can actuallly sell my car today at 5 years old for more or less what I paid for it new.

So good time / bad time to buy is dependant on the COE prices - ie buy when COE prices are low!

Roger Lim 1335175134

The Certificate Of Entitlement (COE) is a bidding system introduced to control vehicle growth in Singapore. Each month a small number of COE are available for balloting; yes it is complex but do note that (a) those who are successful with their bid will get a COE to purchase a new vehicles; (b) Current price is sky high;

My sentiment is that the rocketing COE will not drop anytime soon but will continue with its trip up north for a very long time. Is it the right time to buy now? That depends, if you are very rich and is in the market for a $500,000/- luxury wheeler why not, But if your target of desire is not that ambitious, than it may not made much financial sense to jump in now as the current high COE price of around $80,000/$90,000 has out-stripped the basic cost of the vehicle. So it depend on which part of you is deciding, your head or your heart.

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