Car Insurance that covers excess on car hire

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Check out this website. You can take out an annual insurance for £49 which means you never have to pay the excess (could be up to £1000) if the car is damaged or stolen (car hire companies charge up to £12 per day to insure you for this)! I don't know about you but I am always looking for ways to reduce my car hire costs.

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chantal-17616 1178028984

What a good idea, I get so sick of having booked and paid for my hire car in advance supposedly covering everything only to find that should I be the cause of an accident or the car is vandalised or stolen I still have to pay a large excess unless of course I choose to pay the car hire company another 10 pounds plus to remove any excess. I will look into this.

Orchid-18151 1178031411

What a great idea! I always dither at the point where they ask if I want the additional insurance, give in and pay!

catswhiskers-18079 1178103044

Not sure if you are talking about hiring cars when on holiday etc. but if you are then in most cases if you have travel insurance this is one of the covered items. So before you fork out that extra amount to the car hirer, check your travel insurance policy first, a lot of people do not realise that they are already covered.

annief-17672 1178122925

Sometimes also covered by your credit card...only some do this so check first. Also re travel insurance check the small print and buy annually if you travel more than twice a year as it is not that expensive if you go direct to one of the main insurers.

jennifer-17581 1178181394

We hired a boat and had a small accident which we had to pay as the excess was greater (about 200 Euro) we also thought it was covered by our credit card or travel insurance, it was not...some very small print meant they didn't pay.

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