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Dan Stover



In April of this year I read a Singapore government paper that stated that the registration and taxes associated with electric vehicles was going to be reviewed.  There was also a commitment to install 2000 charging points across Singapore over the next 2 years.I would be grateful if AI members, who are currently living in Singapore, would provide me with an update as to what progress has been made with respect to the above.Thanks in advance.Dan

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Admin 1476230664

I haven't heard about the changes in the taxes. But the government is rolling out next year a fleet of cars for car-sharing through BlueSG. I think the 2000 charging points will be rolled out by batch. I heard that the Ang Mo Kio, Jurong East and Punggol will be the first to have these charging points installed.

Dan Stover 1476297068

Llamb, thanks for the info.  If you have any further updates on the subject please Post them here.


Jennifer 1476322497

Not a lot happening about it yet - still a tax issue - how much you get charged for having an electric car - see another article http://themiddleground.sg/2016/06/24/electric-vehicles-singapore/

Dan Stover 1476472919

Jennifer, thanks for your comment and the link.  Surprising that the Singapore authorities have not promoted the electric vehicle option.  And I am referring specifically to fully electric vehicles rather than Hybrids or PHEV's. Neither am I referring top-end vehicles like the Tesla, which is probably beyond most peoples budget.  I am referring to everyday vehicles,  for example, the Nissan Leaf, which would be able to make a full circumvent of Singapore on a single charge.  OK.... so it is not exactly pretty, but it is very practical.  Four adults can be comfortably seated, lots of luggage space, obviously quiet, easy to park and with all the accessories that one may expect in a vehicle today.  In a country like Singapore, what more would the average motorist need...?


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