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I was really annoyed at receiving a fine for supposedly not having my IU .. in my ERP's machine on entering CBD. I got a letter with a fine of $8.50. I sent a fax saying that it was not possible as I used it that day immediately after gaining access to the CBD in an ERP parking lot. They sent me a letter to ask that I take the car to an inspection centre to check the IU and the cash card...I paid the fine as I know there is nothing wrong with the IU as this was the cheaper option and less hassle than spending 2 hours finding an inspection centre and going through the process...however I did phone the LTA and have a moan...apparently when traffic is heavy their gantries can make errors, but they insist on you checking your IU first!!!!! Anyone else had a problem with this

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Annemarie-17634 1167933680

No, that's the first time I heard of that one! However a warning about the traffic cameras on Napier Rd, close to Gleneagles Hospital. A girlfriend of mine had to rush and get some stuff for her son's birthday and drove to Holland village and back again at some speed to try and be back before the party started and got done for speeding both ways! So don't believe that it only has 1 camera in it, it obviously monitors traffic in both directions!


Jennifer 1167993466

Payments of parking and traffic fines can be made online fairly easily now. Go to LTA Fines & Fees which is under the main page of : scroll down the left hand side and select LTA Fines & Fees which is under the heading Maintaining a vehicle. Sometimes the logic is a bit strange took me sometime to work out where to go!


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