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First time to watch F1. I don't know what ticket to buy . Our goal is to see the team garages. I wast told by the operator of the hotline that all seats have a view of the garage. I'd be very disappointed if I don't get to see it. Any advice? Thanks.

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babylon-34341 1336480083

Choose the mid section because if you are too near ground level your view will be fence and wire.

qtox 1336499374

I rented a room last year at the Marina Mandarin. The view was great! Used the tub for the booze and ice. Got together with some friends. Cost of the room is the same as a pair of tickets to the grandstand.

shygirl 1336749451

Thanks for the suggestion. But we prefer to be in the thick of the action. Maybe next year we'll do the hotel.

David-17601 1336917187

Good to have a walk about pass, can be difficult to get a good view if you wander as best seats get taken, but boring if you stay in one place. The noise is deafening!

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