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Just started driving here in Singapore and thought I was fairly well prepared (passed the test, have been here a while and travelled in taxis, driven in France...) but I'm amazed at how idiotic some drivers seem to be! Despite you running out of road and indicating they just will NOT give up and force you to almost crash or brake seems astonishing that a place that sets such store on abiding the law seems to ignore the fact that there are loads of accidents and near misses just because of this stupid practise. Has anyone got any hints for me to lower my stress levels when driving - this first week has given me tourettes! Seriously though - how do others find the driving here?? Mrs C

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Its a lot better here than say the Middle East...there is a certain amount of Kiasu (must be first, it literally means fear of loosing, to not lose out) and this is rather applied to driving here...don't indicate and expect someone to let you in, better to see the gap indicate and move simultaneously!

Actually what I do is to continue to behave using good driving practices and hopefully some of it might wear off on the local drivers. To be fair there are some very good drivers who are courteous.

Watch out for the flashed lights, it doesn't mean what it means in it means stay where you are its my right of way and I am coming through!

As far as accidents go ...not sure that they are any worse than in say Europe...the police have introduced road blocks most nights to try and cut down on drink driving which they recognise is the main cause of the majority of serious accidents.

Accept that you are never quiet sure what the other drivers will do, drive slowly and sensibly and you might maintain reasonable blood pressure!

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Mrs C, I'm so with you! I've been driving for about 5 years now and am still surprised at how stupid some road users are. I am getting better at anticipating their moves though and am having fewer palpitations definitely! Sometimes when I run out of road, and it is them or me, I call their bluff. Luckily I drive an old car and I think they know I couldn't care less about another scratch or dent. Haven't had a dent yet from that situation. I collected 2 dents though by people driving into the back of me as I was stopped at a red light! Guess all we can do is take it in our stride and try to keep a sense of humour about it.


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Had to laugh at the flashed lights things as that was a new one I discovered today!!! Just when I thought "how very kind" the flasher speeded up and tried to take me out!!

Think will allow more time for journeys and do some calm breathing...

Mrs C

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