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Are these little talking machines for the car available in Singapore? I saw them in europe and they are really helpful. You type in an address and it talks you through the route. I have to find clients all over Singapore and am always fighting witht the map book. Just can't find my way around all those chopped pages!

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Winnie21 1183988429

I found an excellent GPS for my car from SEA-Land Sports, which I think you can find listed on this site. Good value and reliable I think. I have found it very useful for travelling to my golf trips up through Malaysia!

Peter-17859 1183991391

I've got one that I brought from Europe and I downloaded the Singapore map to it. It's okay, but not as detailed as the European ones.

Doc-17845 1184015237

Thank you for your replies. Has anyone used the street GPS here? Would like to hear some more opinions. I'd really like one to help me find my way around Singapore....

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