New Driving penalties

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Someone told me that even if you look at your phone at a traffic light you will be in troubl and said the rules had changed but I can only find this from last Feb - has anything changed? Amendments to the Road Traffic Act, Section 65BAs of 1 February 2015, it is now an offence to operate any function of a mobile communication device while holding the device and driving. Mobile Communication devices include mobile telephones and tablet computers. READ MORE!  

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ginnyp 1456648810

Personally I think if driving your phone should never be looked at ever!

Jess-17678 1456677855

See this link

Last February, amendments to the Road Traffic Act made it illegal for motorists to hold or use any type of mobile device while driving, including small tablets.

At least eight drivers a day were caught using their mobile devices at the wheel last year, a "high number" which experts say indicates the bad habit is still entrenched here.

According to latest Traffic Police (TP) figures, 3,011 motorists were caught last year, down from 3,358 in 2014 and 3,572 in 2013.

Experts say the decrease is likely due to tighter regulations governing the use of mobile devices while driving.


Mr. W 1456731151

I agree with ginnyp use of any mobile device including tablets should be banned when one is driving.

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