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Hi, I am coming to live in Singapore for half a year, and cannot imagine life without biking :) Just conditions are not too good... I thought to buy a foldable bicycle which I could take into MRT, but new ones are quite expensive. Does any of you know a shop where I could choose from second hand ones? Or at least a good site on-line. Thanks for any kind of info! Dalia

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Some of the bike shops sell second hand bikes too. Have a look at the AngloFILE under Cars, Bikes & Driving for a list of bike shops.

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I don't know how used you are to bicycling and which country you are from, but what I see on the road here, and how people drive their cars, taking a bike out on the road looks really dangerous. I don't think car drivers here are used to cyclists and I bet the accident rate is higher here with bikes (and motorbikes) than in Europe.

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