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Hi has anybody driven the new suzuki swift? How is the performance of the car ? Or the other car I am thinking about buying is the Honda Jazz, any comments on this one? Thanks

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Have a look at for the Swift and for the Honad Jazz, it also gives reviews on most cars in Singapore. I went for the swift as thought it was cuter and probably cheaper to run.

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Thanks for your help, just ordered a Swift today..they have some new features so better to wait for the new models the will arrive in July.

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Forgot to mention... having done some research there are two types of this car, one made for export, having 1.6 cc and sold here, the other a parrallel import (means that it is ordered from the domestic market in Japan and generally has different features, in this case 1.3cc) that has been designed for the local domestic market and possibly hasn't been tropicalised.

The other strange thing was that it was cheaper in the short term to buy the car with a loan than without. They get so many kick backs from the firms/banks loaning the money that the cash price is not as low as you think it should be.

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