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Just discovered (when trying to hire a car) that my Singapore driving licence expired in Aug 08 and I didn't realise. Normally they send a reminder. Anyone know what the consequences will be when I try to renew?Just went to the website and found out the following taken from their website; Foreigners holding a Singapore driving licence will have to renew their licence at the Traffic Police Department one month before the licence expires. No reminder letters will be sent out. Renewal must be done in person at : Traffic Police Department10 Ubi Avenue 3Singapore 408865 Operating hours :8:30am to 5:30pm (Mondays to Fridays)8:30am to 1pm (Saturdays)Closed on Sundays and public holidays.The following documents and payment are required when renewing your licence passport, work permit/employment pass/ student pass/dependant pass, and/or other documents showing your extended stay in Singapore. A matt/semi-matt finish passport-size colour photograph with white background A processing fee of $50 (Cash, Cashcard and Nets Only)

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Have they increased the ERP charges recently?

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Will car traffic reduce going over to Sentosa with the $8 entry charge, before $2 a car and $2 per person, I don't think so. Those with residences, pay nothing, those at the various golf clubs pay nothing. However it may effect hotel outlets, some may think twice about using restaurants in Sentosa of an evening...even if they take a cab will they have to pay the extra $8?

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Is there a number or hotline you can ring to report bad drivers or bad taxi drivers?

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Just a quick tip for those going to do their BTT soon. I found a great website www.singaporetests.com where you can register for $9.90 and have 100 days to practise the test questions. It's a lot like the real test and a good exercise in all those ambiguous questions! Good luck!Mrs C

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Are the roads around the Marina Bay circuit re-opening today or today?

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I always knew that the F1 cars were loud but didn't realise they are as loud as they are. I live on the other side of Marina Bay at Pebble Bay and could hear the cars very clearly. I was shocked that they were so loud as to hear them at Pebble Bay. can just imagine what it must be like right at the track.

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So it is 2 days out to the F1, will they drop the prices?

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Can anyone advise what roads will be closed around the F1 race circuit and when they will come into affect.

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Looking at getting some F1 tickets but not sure which is a good stand to watch it in? Can anyone help me?

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I saw a post earlier today about the F1 road closures which prompted me to ask this: What is everyone doing that week and weekend. Are you staying in Singapore and watching the race or getting out of here to escape the chaos?

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What's the news re tickets, have heard tickets are moving slowly..possibly best to wait as might discount. Anyone got any info?

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We are looking to buy a used car, can anyone tell me the best way to go about it. Who are some good companies to go through?

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Is it true that you can book a taxi via sms? Has anyone tried it?

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I'm not too impressed with our car insurance company so I am looking to change. Can anyone recommend one to me?

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Take over existing lease, owner relocating (2½ years remaining but flexible on lease period). Excellent condition, low mileage (28,500km). Single owner, no accidents. Full maintenance history with Komoco Motors. Car still under manufacturer's warranty until Oct 2011. Extras: Garmin GPS, Gray leather interior, Steppers, Aluminum interior kit, Child Seat Includes: Road Tax fees, Car Insurance Contact: Andrew - 8111 4648

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Hi all, Previous insurance company sent me a letter that they has declined renewal of my car insurance due to following reasons - 2 claims within 3 years and claims amount of 10k and above. About claims amount 10k nobody noticed me when the claim was claimed,as this damage was not that big - they have to change front bumper - and this letter is really shocking to me. Due to this nobody wants even give quotation - what others do in similar situation - I'm sure not only one the worse driver ever, if we look how others are driving What do those whos car is more damaged in the accident then my - they are not able to get insurance anymore???

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Although I have been in Singapore for a while I have never needed a car. Now that the COE is down so low it makes it more appealing. Does anyone know the pros and cons to such a low COE? Is it going to prove a problem when I go to sell?

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I heard they have just started construction on a new expressway in Singapore?  Where does it go to and from?

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What is the procedure for converting a US drivers licence to a singapore licence? Do I have to do a driving test?

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