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I want to buy a scooter for my wife. She's always wanted one just like Audrey Hepburn in Holiday in Rome. I haven't seen any in the few bike shops I looked at. Does anyone know where I can get one?

started by: Fred-17701 · last update: 1204020870 · posted: 1188943395

I want to buy a car but do not want a new one. Where is a good place to go and look? How do I go about getting a COE? or is the COE on the second hand car fixed from the first buyer?

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I want to share my latest experience with other Volvo drivers. I have a Volvo V70 and have been driving this for 7 years. We have always had it serviced at the Volvo garage in Alexandra Road. Some time ago we had our shock-absorbers replaced by them. This month, before our trip up country in Malaysia, we decided for the first time to have it checked at our local garage just behind the Shell station on Dunearn Rd (just after Eng Neo Ave) The mechanics there seemed very knowledgeable and so we tried them. Imagine our amazement when the mechanic asked why we had saloon shock absorbers in the back, instead of those for an estate car. Volvo's own people had put the wrong ones in! and here are we regularly going to Malaysia with the back full of diving gear and 5 adults! I am really p'd off and will take the old absorbers that have now been replaced again to Volvo shortly and ask them why they did this. Probably thought we were suckers as we always bring our car there, and we'd never find out!

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I think the street map books for Singapore are very difficult to use. So many different pages to go through before you get from one place to the next. it will be easier to have a whole map so I can see both departure and arrival points. Sometimes I take a long time to get there because I can not see it is really quite close and I take the wrong roads. I can not find a good map. Where can I buy one?

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.... do they drive on in China?

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With regard to a question sent to us via the suggestion box about being able to register for the BTT via the AngloINFO site, the answer is no. You Can not register for the BTT via AngloINFO Singapore. Please visit our INFOrmation Page on this subject and follow the link given there to register. When posting something to AngloINFO Singapore's suggestion box, please add your email address, so we can reply to you directly.

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It wasn't until I came beck in a taxi this morning from Changi airport to Tanglin Rd, that the hike in fares hit home. My normal journey back from the airport cost between $18 & $20, now it cost $27, that is some increase!

started by: Alias-17838 · last update: 1198541495 · posted: 1198511961

Is it allowed to drive a Malaysian registered car here? What if you live and work in Singapore?

started by: william-17656 · last update: 1198176466 · posted: 1198165228

Last night we took a cab at 11.52 and we noticed that there were two extra charges...the taxi driver couldn't explain the second...it was in fact a midnight charge which he had ripped before midnight, he said he was happy to re start the meter which he did eventually...wonder just how many people get caught.

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Hi just got a few qns abt practical driving lessons. As my name suggests, these are quite noob qns. 1. When u go for a practical lesson, after checking ur name and allocated car no on the screen what do u do? i.e. procedure 2. What is a warm up practical lesson? 3. Is it possible and advisable to book lessons for an entire mth at one go? 4. What to expect on the first practical lesson? Thanks.

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I bought a brand new Mini in August and now my passenger seat has broken. The handle that lets the seat back down and up has broken on the inside of the chair. Now I need to have a whole new chair frame installed. Luckily this is still under warrenty. Has this happened to other Mini (or BMW) users, and should I ask about the other seat??

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Hi everyone, i'm planing to travel up country with my friends for 3 days by minibus, because we don't want to travel by public transport. Can anyone recommend a decent minibus service with a trustworthy English speaking driver? Many thanks!!!Omar

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Hello just to confirm in Singapore you drive on the left like we do in England?

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We don't usually travel as a family due to the fact that the wife and kids are always away for longer than I am. However this Christmas we'll all go and come back together and we'll need more space than one taxi can provide. I know there are some mini buses that you can arrange, but don't know who does those. Who can help? Rob

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I have a 6 yr old car that I recently bought which will need servicing soon..heard some horror stories..anyone got some personal recommendations. thanks

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I just had the worst taxi ride in Singapore, and it happened last week as well. The drivers don't seem to ever want to leave 4th gear, exept when they take off from a stop. They've hardly gone20 yards or they are in 4th again! Makes the cars rattle and the ride uncomfortable. Then there seems to be a reluctance to keep the foot steady on the accellerator, so they keep surging forward awkwardly every 30 seconds. Don't these drivers have to take a test before they can drive a taxi? I can't be the only one who experiences bad drivers all the time, but I never hear anyone talking about it.

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Is it common here to rent a car for a few days? Mine has to go into the garage and they are not lending me a replacement. Renting from them isn't a possibility either. I just need it for 3 or 4 days.

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Thumbs up for sgdriving.net Without it I should not be able to pass my Final theory test (FTT)Most important: it is free Really nice site to practise for the theory test both BTT and FTT

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My car had been in the garage and I had taken the cash card out. I forgot to take put it back in and this morning on the way to work went under the gantry and had my machine beeping at me. Does anyone know what the fine is? Jay

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I've never taken a driving test, but am thinking of taking the plunge now. Is it hard to get a licence here? I don't see driving schools on the road here like I do in Europe. Do they practise outside of the central district?

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