started by: Robert-17844 · last update: 1190210669 · posted: 1190210669

I saw Harley Davidson on this site. Does anyone know if they have any trial bikes they'll lend you for a weekend? Rob

started by: Pat-18914 · last update: 1189942944 · posted: 1189852106

I'm studying in London and wish to take driving lessons & a licence here. When I return to my home-S'pore, how do I convert to S'p licence. Pls do reply to - pat.benita@gmail.com

started by: jennifer-17581 · last update: 1188292717 · posted: 1188212525

My heart goes out to the families of the boys that were tragically killed on Saturday morning. My son knew one of the boys very well and is having great difficulty coming to terms with what happened. I notice in the paper that there is a memorial service at Bethany Church on the 7th floor of Orchard Towers for William today. Does anyone know of a memorial service for Alex as I would like to go and represent my son who is currently in the UK back for University?

started by: David-17601 · last update: 1188143715 · posted: 1187944292

It is bizar...COE prices are down encouraging even more cars on the road, so the authorities add in a few more pay as you go gantries. The road problems seem to be escalating and if Singapore is to grow to a capacity of 6.5 million then what will the traffic be like.

started by: daliat · last update: 1187851111 · posted: 1187644251

Hi, I am coming to live in Singapore for half a year, and cannot imagine life without biking :) Just conditions are not too good... I thought to buy a foldable bicycle which I could take into MRT, but new ones are quite expensive. Does any of you know a shop where I could choose from second hand ones? Or at least a good site on-line. Thanks for any kind of info! Dalia

started by: JFHG · last update: 1187765456 · posted: 1187718135

Can anyone recommend a good place for me to take my car to have some minor dents out? I don't want to take it to the garage I bought it from because of the prices they charge. Jay

started by: Sye-17812 · last update: 1186577811 · posted: 1182624129

Just bought a new car that arrives 1st August and need to buy some car insurance...any advise to the best one out there...started getting quotes and they are all over the place!

started by: mungo-18580 · last update: 1184260677 · posted: 1184242733

Hey my friend arrives at Changi Airport at 1440. How long will it take him to get out of the airport? I'll probably leave to go and pick him up at 1400. Should arrive there by 1440 but will he be out quickly at that time?

started by: Doc-17845 · last update: 1184015237 · posted: 1183824663

Are these little talking machines for the car available in Singapore? I saw them in europe and they are really helpful. You type in an address and it talks you through the route. I have to find clients all over Singapore and am always fighting witht the map book. Just can't find my way around all those chopped pages!

started by: whittaker-18594 · last update: 1183651111 · posted: 1183563450

Hey I'm buying a car for the first time in Singapore and was wondering if anyone knew a good and reliable model/make. My company is paying for it and the insurance etc. My price range is in the 100-120,000 dollars. DOes anyone know whats value for that sort of money? I've heard the prices of cars are very ridiculous here compared with the UK.

started by: Raffles-18087 · last update: 1181634390 · posted: 1181587534

How many points do you have to have before losing your licence?

started by: EKG · last update: 1181631474 · posted: 1181563238

I'm thinking of buying a motorbike. Would like to check out some Harley Davidsons and see if they're affordable. They have a showroom here right? Anyone know where exactly?

started by: Jane-17633 · last update: 1180959155 · posted: 1180870286

Getting a new car and need to get some car insurance, can anyone recommend a good deal, I need fully comp.

started by: Mrs C-17754 · last update: 1180301640 · posted: 1180268853

Just started driving here in Singapore and thought I was fairly well prepared (passed the test, have been here a while and travelled in taxis, driven in France...) but I'm amazed at how idiotic some drivers seem to be! Despite you running out of road and indicating they just will NOT give up and force you to almost crash or brake madly..it seems astonishing that a place that sets such store on abiding the law seems to ignore the fact that there are loads of accidents and near misses just because of this stupid practise. Has anyone got any hints for me to lower my stress levels when driving - this first week has given me tourettes! Seriously though - how do others find the driving here?? Mrs C

started by: Sandra-18179 · last update: 1180013455 · posted: 1179993623

Please can someone explain these, all I know is that if I want to buy a car it got more expensive this month because of this...I know its a type of tax but how come the price changes so much?

started by: David-17601 · last update: 1179731372 · posted: 1179650333

Hi has anybody driven the new suzuki swift? How is the performance of the car ? Or the other car I am thinking about buying is the Honda Jazz, any comments on this one? Thanks

started by: Jacky-18116 · last update: 1179420051 · posted: 1179413090

What age can you start driving here and does anyone know how it works?Is it similar to the UK system where you have to do a written test first?

started by: Chiquita-17833 · last update: 1179410239 · posted: 1179160725

We'll be going to the UK in the summer and we'll need to rent a car. Where is the best place to go?

started by: David-17601 · last update: 1178181394 · posted: 1178025334

Check out this website. www.insurance4carhire.com You can take out an annual insurance for £49 which means you never have to pay the excess (could be up to £1000) if the car is damaged or stolen (car hire companies charge up to £12 per day to insure you for this)! I don't know about you but I am always looking for ways to reduce my car hire costs.

started by: cotton tail · last update: 1177718596 · posted: 1177709471

Will I be able to drive using my UK licence and for how long?

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