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Will I be able to drive using my UK licence and for how long?

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What's the equivalent of the MOT here? Is it done every year like in the UK or every 2 years like they do in France?

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My old BMW is in need of a service, she's a bit old now to benefit from a BMW garage make over,is there a mechanic someone could recommend?

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I hear about this, can you explain how it works in more detail?

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Someone told me you have a limited amount of time to drive on your UK licence in Singapore. What is the time limit and would you have to take a test?

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I can't seem to find one in Singapore...do they sell them here or are they coming?

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Are there any motorbike clubs in Singapore? And does anyone know if it is possible to rent a bike for a weekend? I'd like to take one up to Malaysia. (once the rain has ceased and the floods have subsided!)Jay

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I was really annoyed at receiving a fine for supposedly not having my IU .. in my ERP's machine on entering CBD. I got a letter with a fine of $8.50. I sent a fax saying that it was not possible as I used it that day immediately after gaining access to the CBD in an ERP parking lot. They sent me a letter to ask that I take the car to an inspection centre to check the IU and the cash card...I paid the fine as I know there is nothing wrong with the IU as this was the cheaper option and less hassle than spending 2 hours finding an inspection centre and going through the process...however I did phone the LTA and have a moan...apparently when traffic is heavy their gantries can make errors, but they insist on you checking your IU first!!!!! Anyone else had a problem with this

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I'm thinking of getting a car but am not sure whether it would be better to lease a car or buy one. If I buy, should I buy new or second hand? I like the idea of leasing as the service charges are all included, but will I end up paying much more? Hugh

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Am thinking of trading in my Volvo V70 and buy a Honda Odyssee. I need the space in the back for my dogs and the Honda seems very good value for money and offers about as much space as the Volvo V70. Any comments/recommendations from Honda Odyssee owners? Ludo

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I witnessed a traffic accident today, whilst the two cars involved were a mess, none of the occupants were hurt, other than minor injuries including whip lash, however I stopped to check if they needed assistance, on seeing that they didn't quickly passed my card to both drivers and said if they needed a witness I had seen everything and left. It was very gratifying that both drivers called to say thank you for bothering to stop and give this information. The police later also called to ask for my statement.

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Had a little accident when reversing my car...second time in a month...don't want to let on to my other half as will never hear the end of it...he's away until next Friday...can anyone recommend a good place that is cheap and fast...if I take to Audi (the last time) it will cost a arm and a leg...please help !

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Can anyone give me a rough idea as to what I might have to pay for a 7 year old car...plan to be here about 3 years and trying to see if its cheaper than leasing one

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