started by: JennaP-10051382 · last update: 1453389734 · posted: 1453132889

Can anyone recommend good shops for car tires? Just got a car and I'd like to put new ones. I am also looking to upgrade the stereo and speakers so appreciate if you can also recommend a good store  for this.

started by: HUW-38391 · last update: 1450952139 · posted: 1450690883

A friend of mine is moving from Sydney to Singapore. He asked if vehicle swop is possible here. Any ideas? Thanks.

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1450692499 · posted: 1444897686

I am looking fo a shop with a huge collection of mag wheels, any suggestions?

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1448291999 · posted: 1447663463

Do we need to bid on a new COE if we want to renew our current COE?  

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1448027370 · posted: 1447163046

May I ask for suggestions where to go to set speakers for my car?

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1444992725 · posted: 1444327112

Where can we buy authentic Vespa parts? I am looking for an alternative to Vespa store.

started by: TheMD · last update: 1442478853 · posted: 1441983610

Is it worth it to change manual transmission of a car to automatic specially here in Singapore? 

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1441712546 · posted: 1439975991

I have a very old motorcycle which deserves to be laid in peace. Any knows a scrap years for vehicles?

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1439995747 · posted: 1439908408

I am looking for a car mechanic that specializes in electrical wiring. I need someone really really good. Thanks.

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1439305089 · posted: 1436951077

Is it possible to test drive a Maserati without actually buying one? 

started by: dan1717-34471 · last update: 1438190022 · posted: 1437474419

I'm thinking of buying an electric car when the COE in my current car expires. Are there any government incentives when buying an electric car? Does it have the same COE? What is the best model and brand in the market right now? Thank you.

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1438169942 · posted: 1438011192

I am looking for a really good car mechanic who can help me with my car. I just changed my battery and alternator last month and now my car engine is dead. I urgently need one. Thank you.

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1436024732 · posted: 1435845214

I need to have something fixed with my DVR. Can someone please recommend a good and reasonably priced electrician?

started by: weena · last update: 1435251663 · posted: 1430992847

We are looking at buying a used car but I am don't know the best place to buy one. I ws looking at SgCar Mart. Is this a good place to buy? Or from a car yard? Or from someone who owns the car? Thank you.

started by: qtox · last update: 1435072624 · posted: 1434987457

I highly recommend this car rental service. It has the cheapest rate in the market and their service was great.

started by: strange1 · last update: 1433843349 · posted: 1433664293

I don't know it's fancy name but I am looking for a bike with two pedals. My son with ADHD wants to learn to bike but we are not confident yet to let him do it alone. Do you have any ideas where to get it? Thanks.

started by: qtox · last update: 1432320292 · posted: 1432029358

We are always out of SG during F1 but we plan on staying this year. what is the best ticket to seat purchase for my hubby? 

started by: Kae-34376 · last update: 1430758524 · posted: 1430323807

I just discovered GrabCar, they have a four seater cheaper alternative than Uber. I think competition gives the public better service and options. 

started by: Rock Star-39233 · last update: 1430758443 · posted: 1430678518

I am looking for a lorry that I could rent going to KL and back to Sg. I hope you could give me referrals. Thank you.

started by: Emir · last update: 1429369650 · posted: 1429096089

How much is the average cost for a second hand Ducati?

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