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I think Uber is amazing - I have one Ap on my phone, I can call an UBER cab almost anywhere where I might be in the world and it charges direct to my credit card, cashless, no tipping - it even estimates the charges for you. Anyone else had experience of using them in Singapore - yet to try them here.

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1426063051 · posted: 1425914076

I am looking for car painters to compare prices. Any recommendations? Thanks.

started by: Iron Neo · last update: 1425913194 · posted: 1425907490

Looking for affordable and relialble Van Rental with driver and travel freely inbound and outbound of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, specialize in South Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. The drivers have more than 7 years of driving experience in Singapore, Johor, Malacca, KL, Genting, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Pahang and Terengganu.  Contact us to check out our rates and services. 9188 6848 (Whatsapp available) msttransport.com

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1424278158 · posted: 1423476337

Is there any regulation here about changing car insurance before it expires? I am asking because in other countries, there are rules against it. Thank you.

started by: babylon-34341 · last update: 1421079282 · posted: 1418896883

This is the most useless taxi app in the world. It only shows you where the next available taxi is. No booking at all. By the time I got there the taxi was gone :(((((

started by: Barbaramil · last update: 1420363205 · posted: 1419942033

Hello, I have heard about the services of Uber but still don't know how it works? Thanks.

started by: carree-43300 · last update: 1418910959 · posted: 1416392244

I am thinking of getting a bike to use when I go to work. Any ideas what brand, type of bike I should buy. I saw a foldable bike, but I thought it is too expensive or is it the average price of a good bike nowadays? But then again it is convenient. I hope you can help me on this.

started by: carree-43300 · last update: 1418454765 · posted: 1418454765

How are the coaches to KL? do they have luxury coaches?  Where is the terminal?

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1415981603 · posted: 1415714038

Please if you know anyone who does a really good job at car detailing, please give me a shout out. Thank you.

started by: Kae-34376 · last update: 1414576454 · posted: 1414576454

I am thinking of buying a small compact car. How hard is it to adjust from right-hand driving to left-hand driving? Do I need to take driving lessons? 

started by: m&m-34247 · last update: 1412324648 · posted: 1412324648

Hi, do you know a place where I could have a customized sticker of my daughter's name for the car? Thanks.

started by: tigger-42009 · last update: 1410948608 · posted: 1410948608

There's a Ferrari exhibit at the Marina Bay Sands this weekend. 

started by: tasha-69661 · last update: 1410365186 · posted: 1409743283

What is the best place to buy a second hand car? Is Singapore Car Mart reliable?

started by: azer-44231 · last update: 1410114424 · posted: 1409651951

I am going to meet a friend in KL and we plan to rent a car from KL back to Singapore. Is it legal to drive a rented car from KL to Sg? What papers do we need to bring? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

started by: Benny Lee · last update: 1408702963 · posted: 1408702963

I am looking for a bike tour we could join to travel around Asia. Do any of you have any leads?

started by: Benny Lee · last update: 1407250719 · posted: 1406637805

I'm thinking of getting an e-scooter but when I looked at the LTA website it. Foesn't say anything about it. Any ideas of what we the rewuirements are?

started by: weena · last update: 1406739795 · posted: 1405606508

I am thinking of changing the color of my car? Do you have any idea how much it would cost to have a full car body paint? Do I need to re-register the car If I change the color? I'm thinking of changi

started by: Mr. W · last update: 1406130505 · posted: 1404150816

Any ideas on where to get second hand scooters here in Singapore? Preferably from retailers, if you may.

started by: carree-43300 · last update: 1405518634 · posted: 1405415768

What's a reliable cab company with advance booking? I have a 3am flight. I heard horror stories from some people that some cab drivers do not show up. Thank you.

started by: angrybird-66602 · last update: 1403545148 · posted: 1403018232

Hello, where can I rent an electric car? My boss is coming and he only wants to drive an electric car. Thank you.

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