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I am starting a business that requires delivery and I want to know the average rental fee for lorries. I'm looking at a long-term arrangement. 

started by: dan1717-34471 · last update: 1400072599 · posted: 1399915248

For everybody's info, new speed cameras can be found along Chanig Coast Road. They are installed at the gantries both ends and time vehicles over a 4 km distance.

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1399839101 · posted: 1379067761

Has any of you had any experience with short term car leasing? Thanks.

started by: Adam33 · last update: 1399299079 · posted: 1399122732

Does anybody know where I can find information on getting a car with the red 'weekend' plates? Would people recommend it as a cheaper option? How limiting is it? Thanks in advance.

started by: Kae-34376 · last update: 1398864873 · posted: 1398864873

Do you know if there is a car racing training course in Sg?

started by: carree-43300 · last update: 1398839483 · posted: 1398839483

I'm thinking of getting myself a motor bike, do I need to get a special driver's license for it?

started by: tigger-42009 · last update: 1398272537 · posted: 1398272537

How much is the going rate now for foldable bikes?

started by: angrybird-66602 · last update: 1398271118 · posted: 1398271118

Hi, please do let me know if you have a friend/colleague who might be selling his/her car. Thank you.

started by: ulyses · last update: 1395915824 · posted: 1395754141

I am a bike newbie and I am jus curious..What is the purpose of loop wheels for bikes? 

started by: redwine-34212 · last update: 1395604877 · posted: 1395076691

Finally some good news today. Easy taxi app is now waiving the  fees that it charges passengers and the drivers!

started by: nix2009 · last update: 1395063971 · posted: 1334676773

I always take a taxi to the airport. But last week I decided to use the MRT since I had a small luggage. It was very convenient and I saved quite a lot on taxi fare. Next time you are going to travel you might want to consider riding the MRT to Changi.

started by: HUW-38391 · last update: 1392885431 · posted: 1392715276

Do motorcycles have COE? I'm thinking of getting one.

started by: Admin-33483 · last update: 1390558182 · posted: 1389957648

All bus and train card transactions will increase on April 6. Adult: +4 to 6 cents (4 cents for up to 4.6km; 5 cents from 4.3km to 7.2km; 6 cents from 7.2km) Senior Citizen: +2 to 3 cents (3 cents from 7.2km) Student: +2 cents  

started by: tasha-69661 · last update: 1389534585 · posted: 1389169552

We are looking for a car leasing company, we want to lease a small van for about 2 years. Thank you.

started by: Stuart-34306 · last update: 1388591663 · posted: 1388519073

Traffic wardens have been deployed, any ideas if traffic improved at MCE?

started by: Admin-33483 · last update: 1387797437 · posted: 1387797437

Please take note that Orchard Road  between Scotts Road and Bideford Road, and the carriageway of Mount Elizabeth in the direction of Orchard Road between Nutmeg Road and Orchard Road will be closed to vehicular traffic from 1pm on December 25 to 1am the next morning.

started by: Zzzzzz-48902 · last update: 1387277584 · posted: 1386926072

Brace yourselves people, there will be an increase in its flag down and distance rates starting next week.

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1386753421 · posted: 1386157784

What's a good place to buy city bicycles? Thanks.

started by: Rock Star-39233 · last update: 1385903873 · posted: 1385644933

The LTA claims there are more taxis now but seriously I find it hard to believe. Especially during peak hours. I hope they can really do something about this.

started by: azer-44231 · last update: 1385491799 · posted: 1384782147

I am thinking of buying a motorcycle. But I want to know first the buying process of buying a used one. Any ideas?

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