started by: brangelina · last update: 1385025776 · posted: 1384355053

My friend won the jackpot at a raffle draw. When he claimed it COE is not included. What the ___? Is this the way of life here?

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1383235244 · posted: 1383134323

Can somebody recommend a good aircon car mechanic? Thanks.

started by: Mr. W · last update: 1383038353 · posted: 1382624322

This is a very good tiem to invest in cars, COE prices in all categories are down.

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1381592231 · posted: 1381238700

I'm thinking of selling my car. With the new loan restriction, is it still as simple as posting online and get a lot of  offers? Or is there a better way?

started by: shygirl · last update: 1379958657 · posted: 1379166514

I can't believe that the race is next week...looking forward to a big party in Sg!

started by: angrybird-66602 · last update: 1379327992 · posted: 1378290062

I have a 20y old motorcycle with expired COE and I want to dispose of it. Are there dealers who are willing to haul my motorcycle from the garage? It has no value anyway. Thanks.

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1379245227 · posted: 1379245227

Now is a good time to buy a car, car dealers are giving huge discount in anticipation of upcoming changes to the COE.

started by: dan1717-34471 · last update: 1378826898 · posted: 1378826898

My car was hit by a motorcycle. And I am looking for a car repair shop that does dent and repainting.

started by: Emir · last update: 1378391428 · posted: 1378199055

I had a new burst of courage that prompted me to get my very own big bike. I now have a Class 2 license, a good helmet and the works. I'm hoping to join bike rides to explore Singapore and its neighbors.

started by: strange1 · last update: 1377696819 · posted: 1377522512

My son wants a bike for his birthday. does anybody know where I could find a bike that's not so expensive?. I find the kids' bikes in the malls too expensive.

started by: qtox · last update: 1377615762 · posted: 1377028724

I'm thinking of importing a Renault Twizy so I can avoid paying for COEs and can get to work in an airconditioned vehicle?

started by: almonm · last update: 1377353886 · posted: 1377174488

I was looking at car sales websites and I am so annoyed that prices are not included. I didn't want to waste my time calling for each car. 

started by: carree-43300 · last update: 1374861968 · posted: 1374238810

I went out for a 10am meeting and didn't know that ComfortDelGro Cabs do not have credit card facilities anymore. I had to find an atm to get some cash before i was able to get off the cab or my meeting.

started by: Rock Star-39233 · last update: 1374764459 · posted: 1374758326

The F1 fever is in the house. Any interesting parties this year?

started by: dan1717-34471 · last update: 1374593542 · posted: 1374514100

Is there a car technology company that installscan ipad on the dashboard?

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1374073927 · posted: 1373720244

In my more than a year of living in Singapore this is the first time that I had a very bad experience with the driver. He kept on insisting that we take another route which is longer and there's more traffic. He was so annoying. We wanted to go down but he would let us. Good thing I had the presence of mind of telling him I will not pay for the ride that was not supposed to take that long or else I would have to report him. Glad that he didn't push the issue anymore. 

started by: carree-43300 · last update: 1373626768 · posted: 1373626768

What do you think of women driving to JB? Is it safe? Thanks.

started by: Benny Lee · last update: 1370359332 · posted: 1370103281

Anybody selling a compact car, Honda or Toyota?

started by: qtox · last update: 1370018117 · posted: 1370006937

Is there a car hire company that services from Singapore to Laos? I plan on taking a cross country road trip with friends. But we intend to leave the car in Laos so we can take the plane home. 

started by: Admin-33483 · last update: 1369765908 · posted: 1369765908

COE prices for small and big cars went up in the most recent bidding exercises. The prices for small cars went from $62,999 to $64,839 and big cars increased by $5,604 to $67,304.

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