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Unfortunately the Tampines Bike Park will be replaced by another high rise building.This trail is by far the easiest, ideal for families and beginners so it would definitely be a waste to have it removed.

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Reminding everybody that today is the last day of getting early bird tickets for the grand prix.

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COE prices in the big car and open car categories went down by $5,000. See the entire story. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/coe-prices-mostly-down/651244.html

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I just bought a huge one, anybody know where is the best place to play? Thanks.

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Premiums for small and big cars dropped significantly this month.

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Beware of private vehicle owners who are renting out their cars. My friend rented out a car only to find out in the middle of the trip that the insurance was expired. Always check all papers before you rent the car. Better yet, it is safer to rent from rental car services. A tad more expensive but you are assured of integrity in its papers.

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I want to assemble my own bikeMso I can custom fit the parts to my taste and to my body. The bike shop where I bought my current one has not been very helpful. What is the best bike shop to get parts with good prices?

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I was planning on buying a car this year but the new budget restrictions will make it even harder for me to purchase one. So I'm thinking of joining Car Sharing. Has any of you tried it? What's the best club out there? Your thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey, guys! Our office is on the 3rd floor of a building but our employees park their cars in the common parking lot in the basement. That is a shared parking lot and employees of other offices in the building also park their vehicles in the same lot. As a measure of safety and to prevent misuse of limited parking space, we are planning to issue employee parking permits to the staff. Can anyone share some valid reasons as to why parking permits with company’s name and logo are better than the normal ones? I guess custom parking permits would be a costly affair and frankly speaking, we want to cut corners here.

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I just bought a new car, it was a good price but i need to have it painted for a fresh coat to make it look better. Can somebody recommend a good one? Thanks.

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Anyone recommend any good garages? Mechanics, spare car parts etc

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Owners of cars that emits less carbon and fuel efficient will receive up to $20,000 rebates under the new Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme (CEV). Here's the entire article: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1239830/1/.html

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I'm looking at driving to JB on a scooter with some friends. Is there a place where we could rent for a weekend?

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I need a motorsports service team that can help me prepare for the touring car challenge in December. Is there a group that you can recommend? Thanks.

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My buddies and I are thinking of taking a road trip to Malaysia and Thailand. Does anybody know where we can rent motorcycles to ride to Malaysia/Thailand and back?

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SMRT is encouraging everyone to use the public transport during the F1 race days. From ChannelNewsAsia: The public transport operator will be adding train trips and extending the service hours of trains and feeder buses.SMRT said on Tuesday that about 330 train trips on the North-South, East-West and Circle Lines will be added.Waiting times for trains at six MRT stations near the race venue will be shortened. They include the City Hall and Raffles Place interchanges, Nicoll Highway, Promenade, Bayfront and Esplanade stations.From 9.15pm on race days, trains on certain stretches will arrive every three minutes while those on other lines will arrive at approximately every four minutes. Train and bus schedules have also been adjusted so that passengers taking the last train service from the city will be able to connect to other MRT and LRT lines.For the North-South and East-West Lines, the last north-, east- and west-bound trains from City Hall will leave the station at 1.11am on September 21 to 23.For the Circle Line, the last train service from Promenade to Marina Bay and from Promenade to Tai Seng will leave Promenade station at 1am on these three days.Trains on the Circle Line will arrive at six-minute intervals.Bukit Panjang LRT service will also be extended.The last LRT train will leave Choa Chu Kang at 2.10am.SMRT will also make it easier get to the F1 venue by bus.Service hours for feeder buses from five estates will be extended till as late as 2.15am.For those getting to the F1 venue by SMRT taxis, there are 18 trackside locations to hail a taxi.Passengers have to pay a surcharge of S$5 from 10.30pm to midnight on September 21 and 22, and 9.30pm to midnight on September 23. SMRT will operate a special F1 taxi service counter at Kallang Leisure Park between 9pm and 1am from September 21 to 23.Passengers who board from this location have to pay a surcharge of S$10.With road closures due to F1 from September 19 to 25, commuters travelling to Suntec City, Millenia Walk, Marina Square and Centennial Tower, hotels in the vicinity, and attractions such as the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay, can use the Circle Line to get to their destinations. The area is served by Esplanade, Promenade and Bayfront stations on the line.  

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I found this list of cool F1 apps that can help all of us get updates. Check this out guys, http://news.insing.com/feature/6-apps-for-the-singapore-f1/id-045f3f00

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I'm looking for a place where I could have customised leather car seats. Any suggestions?

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Is there a place where I could have leather car seats customized?

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I have reason to believe that my current auto repair shop is cheating me. That's why I need a new one. I hope you can recommend a trustworthy and reliable repair shop. Thanks.

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