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I have reason to believe that my current auto repair shop is cheating me. That's why I need a new one. I hope you can recommend a trustworthy and reliable repair shop. Thanks.

started by: Verna-53243 · last update: 1345379217 · posted: 1345038584

What is the minimum age that a person is allowed to drive in Singapore? My nephew will be staying with me and he and his friends are thinking of taking a road trip to Malaysia. They are 18 years old. Should they apply for an international driver's license or can they use their American drivers' license?

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Dear all, We just moved here from Europe and I'm looking to buy a decent bike. Nothing special, more like a hybrid (mountain bike/street bike mix). Parameters:- Price range: $300-400- Mud guards, front and rear- Rear rackI've taken a look at the bikes over at Carrefour (nothing special, plus no mud guards or rear racks), and on-line at Rodalink (too expensive for my budget). I was hoping to find someplace like Decathlon (in Europe) or Sports Authority (in the US), i.e. a place with discounted bikes that aren't necessarily top-of-the-line. I still have to go to Sportslink, so fingers crossed. Any tips/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.Kind regards,-J.

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My friend who lives in KL found me a dilapidated old Mini Cooper which I plan to refurbish here. How do I bring it to Singapore by land? What requirements should I prepare? Thanks.

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Where can I buy Vespas? I need two, a his and hers. Thanks.

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What's a good place to rent a bike? Thanks.

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First time to watch F1. I don't know what ticket to buy . Our goal is to see the team garages. I wast told by the operator of the hotline that all seats have a view of the garage. I'd be very disappointed if I don't get to see it. Any advice? Thanks.

started by: Verna-53243 · last update: 1335615249 · posted: 1335171318

Some friends of ours are planning to go biking in Asia this summer. Any suggestions that have stunning views and safe for Caucasians to travel on bike? Thanks.

started by: Barbaramil · last update: 1335198127 · posted: 1334918512

I don't get the COE thing! I just need a simple answer.. Is it a good time to buy an SUV now? Thanks.

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I was very fortunate to have taken a taxi with an honorable taxi driver. I did'nt even realize that I lost my documents when he returned it to me. Such a gracious man!

started by: dan1717-34471 · last update: 1332869045 · posted: 1332420147

I was given the best birthday gift this year..a dream come true indeed! To be able to drive a Ferrari in the F1 circuit is the most exhilarating experience of my life. If you want to do it, you can go to zumvee.com.

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Are expats allowed to buy a car in Singapore? They say it's expensive to buy a car here? What is the cost of a typical compact car? How do we go about it? Thanks.

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I'm booked to do my basic theory test next week and was just wondering if anyone cam tell me how many questions you are asked in the test and what the pass rate is. Thanks

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Can your Singaporean car insurance cover damages if you rent a car abroad?

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What sort of bike should I buy my daughter? A mountain is bike too big for a 10 yr old. Any suggestions?

started by: dan1717-34471 · last update: 1327167162 · posted: 1326907146

I know this might be too late. But I'd appreciate if you can recommend a car hire/rental for the weekend? Suddenly my girlfriend wants to take a roadtrip to Malaysia.

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Important news from Channel News Asia, please read: SBS Transit to extend train & bus operating hours

started by: Verna-53243 · last update: 1325588835 · posted: 1325500225

Is there a private ambulance that I can call when I give birth?

started by: dan1717-34471 · last update: 1325179593 · posted: 1325164918

Where can I rent a luxury car with an option for a long-time lease? Preferably a sports car...

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we're thinking of starting to mountain bike again but feel a bit concerned about the traffic here, no lanes etc. Anyone has any experiences to share? Where to go?

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