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I highly recommend Super Car Studio for their grooming services. Had a car wash and vacuum cleaning for only $10 plus the service was great.

started by: clint-44660 · last update: 1320852909 · posted: 1320663514

Bought a pair of Vespas for me and the wife. Wondering if there is a Vespa Club here...

started by: babylon-34341 · last update: 1319936003 · posted: 1319796125

In my more than two years of living in Singapore, I have never encountered a taxi driver that is rude and a cheat until yesterday when I went to fetch relatives in Changi. Instead of taking ECP Bedok as I have instructed, he went around Tampines. When I told him that this is the wrong route he rudely said, "I am not cheating." He even wanted us to go down in the middle of nowhere because he doesn't like that we are accusing him of cheating. I adamantly said no or else I would report him. Unfortunately his name is not shown on screen. But good thing he did not leave us in the middle of a busy street because that would be a nightmare with all the luggage.

started by: Mr. W · last update: 1319796213 · posted: 1319728727

Is there a camper van that we could hire for two weeks in Singapore?

started by: Rock Star-39233 · last update: 1318441091 · posted: 1317544358

Any idea where I could find a motorcycle club in Singapore? Thank you.

started by: Rock Star-39233 · last update: 1317032018 · posted: 1316080198

Is it just me?! But I could already hear the tires screeching for F1!!!

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1315305590 · posted: 1315305590

What's a good car insurance company that expats use?

started by: ola-38047 · last update: 1314976731 · posted: 1314968321

Where can I rent a limo on a short notice, need it tomorrow actually?

started by: jennifer-17581 · last update: 1313919415 · posted: 1313919415

Couldn't order a cab as was told system under maintenance! On a Saturday night?

started by: Jes-64456 · last update: 1313499354 · posted: 1313341175

Have a bad scratch on toyota and would like a recommendation of where to get this fixed without having to pay outrageous price. No real structural damage.

started by: Anna S-34850 · last update: 1312622071 · posted: 1312622071

Need to buy a ladies bicykle. Doesn't have to be a mountain bike, just good condition bike for women. Thanks

started by: Admin-33483 · last update: 1311777137 · posted: 1311762955

The National Day Parade Preview will be held on Saturday, July 30 at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay. Please be advised that Raffles Avenue, Temasek Avenue, Bayfront Avenue, Esplanade Drive, Nicoll Highway (between Raffles Boulevard and Raffles Avenue) and Stamford Road will be closed to motorists. Those traveling in the areas of Suntec City and Marina Square are advised to take public transport. Cars parked indiscriminately will be towed away.

started by: Ang Mo · last update: 1310908110 · posted: 1310908110

Is it just me or are Singaporean drivers some of the worst globally! There is no road etiquette, no thanking anyway for letting them in, in fact if they see you indicate they speed up. And the taxi drivers, well I could write pages!

started by: xyz789 · last update: 1310125741 · posted: 1309942850

I'm looking for a pre-loved Honda Jazz (2006-2008 model) for my wife. I hope somebody can recommend a dealer with reasonable prices. Thanks.

started by: Benny Lee · last update: 1309085674 · posted: 1308990725

Because of my injury, I am not allowed to go biking to let my ankle heal. It's quite boring but what can an injured man do, right? Anyway, I'm planning to assemble a new bike. I have never done it before but I'm willing to learn. I am looking for bike shops that offer great deals. Please let me know if you have a shop that you ccan recommend. Thank you.

started by: tigger-42009 · last update: 1308743373 · posted: 1308217766

Recently bought a 2nd hand scooter but the seat is in a bad shape. Does anyone have any idea where to get new seat covers (low budget)? Thanks.

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1308128260 · posted: 1307874442

I'm looking for a van that's affordable. We need it for four days from July 1 - 4. Prefers a personal recommendation. Thanks.

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1306067868 · posted: 1305980600

I have a flat tire. Anybody know a mechanic who can fix it? I live in Bukit Timah area. Thanks.

started by: ferdie-38323 · last update: 1306004626 · posted: 1305116444

My car aircon is not working properly. The air that comes out of it is hot. Anybody know a car aircon specialist who can help me? Thanks.

started by: dan1717-34471 · last update: 1303750701 · posted: 1303733996

David Coulthard still has his mojo in F1 driving... It was a great day yesterday at Orchard Road when he showed why he was one of the best drivers in the circuit during his time. It was just bad timing that he was around when Schumacher was dominating the race..

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