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I'm new in the area and I'm looking for a car wash that also does auto detailing. Thanks.

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Private seller advert reinstated by admin - deleted in error, apologies! For Sale 2 X 10" Mohawk M10 Professional Range subwoofers (Max 125Watts) in box with 2 X 6.5" midrange Boschmann RB 6200XT SPL PRO (Max 250 watts) speakers S$80 Mowhawk 2 Channel M1002 400W Amp @ S$80:00 Boschmann 2-way crossovers 12dB/high Accuracy Passive @ S$15 Boschmann PCA-8820 @ S$80:00 SPECIFICATIONS :: 4 Ohms Max Power Out: 200Wx2Ch/0.05%T.H.D. :: 4 Ohms Bridged Max Out: 400Wx1Ch/0.05%T.H.D. :: 4 Ohms Nom Power Out: 100Wx2Ch/0.05%T.H.D. :: 4 Ohms Bridged Nom Out: 200Wx1Ch/0.05%T.H.D. :: Max Power: 400W :: 2-Channel MOSFET Power Amplifier, Stable Into 4-Ohms Stereo amplification :: High Level Input, Low Level Input :: Gold-Plated RCA & Terminals :: Digital Precision Variable User-Controls :: High Current Input Stages With Minimized Losses :: Built-In High-Accuracy Crossovers With Externally Variable Controls :: LPF Filters. :: Speaker Level Input Dimensions: (WxHxL) 260x55x220mm Will accept $200 for the lot. Can send photos if required Self collect near Orchard SMS Jude 91689844

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We're planning a trip to Sydney and Melbourne. Wondering how strict Aussie Law is when it comes to car seat. We have an almost 2 yr old little girl and we're only planning to bring a booster seat. Would it be enough? Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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What's the latest on COE prices? Any ideas? Thinking of buying a small car... Thank you.

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We tried the Tampines Mountain Bike Trail for the first time and it was awesome. It was a difficult trail and it tested my stamina and biking abilities. But what I really love about it is it is a dedicated trail for bikers so you'd feel safe - no whizzing cars behind or beside you. If you are a bike enthusiast, you should try it, it’s worth it!

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Does anyone know where I can rent a van fairly inexpensively around Singapore for the weekend (two days)? Will be having friends visiting from Europe. Thanks.

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So guys here is a few question about how you feel about your driving test and how will the following suggestion improve the test and learning 1) Are you interested to use driving simulator to learn and practice their driving skills and knowledge? A) Interested B) May consider C) Not interested 2) Do you think driving instructors are more problematic with their attitudes? A) True B) Not true C) May happens sometimes 3) In your opinion, does having a driving simulator at your neighbourhood bring more efficiency in helping driver’s learning? A) Yes B) No 4) Given the opportunity to try the stunt driving simulator, how much are you willing to pay it? Given that it possesses strong motion feel. a) $0-$100 b) $100-$200 c) $200-$300 d) $300-$400 5) Do you think that having virtual passengers in simulator is beneficial? A) Yes B) No 6) How relevant were your driving lessons to real scenarios in terms of: A) Road hazards ( Skidding, poor visibility) B) Unexpected events (tire blow-outs, flash floods) C) Driving etiquette D) Post-accident affairs E) Driving on foreign roads/ systems 7) Which of the following would serve as a greater deterrent? (I.e. greater inconvenience) A) Higher fines B) Fines and a rehabilitation course C) Demerit points and a fine D) Rise of insurance premiums and a fine 8) Is requiring foreign drivers to pass a local Basic theory test enough to fully adapt them for local road system? What can be done to help them? A) Additional Practical sessions B) F plates to identify foreign drivers, local drivers are to give way to them. C) Road introductory programs for foreigners 9) Which reward will promote Courtesy Driving most efficiently? A) Annual petrol vouchers B) Annual car insurance C) Car purchase aids D) Car accessories vouchers E) External car modification vouchers 10) How often are you involved in the following situation(s)? A) Tail-gating B) Lane cutting C) Sudden brake D) Not signalling E) Honking unnecessarily 11) Are you aware about how to give way to emergency vehicles on the road? Yes No

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Can anyone recommend an automatic transmission specialist in the Jurong area? Thanks.

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What is the law here on over speeding? I was crossing Devonshire Road yesterday (with pedestrian's green light on) and I was almost hit by an overspeeding Maserati. Can this person get caught? Are there CCTV cameras on the road? I hope this guy gets caned!

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I want to sell my car with an unexpired COE. If I sell it, does the COE go with the car or does it 'expire' because it was sold? Thank you.

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Beware of this latest dirty trick...You can't clean away smashed eggs on the windscreen with the wiper and sprayed water. Please take note of this.If you're driving at night & are attacked with raw eggs thrown onto your car windscreen, do not operate the wiper and/or spray any water.You can drive with whatever visibility remaining until you reach a safer place.Because eggs when mixed with water becomes milky and block your vision up to 92.5%.Then you are forced to stop at the road side and become a victim of highway robbers. This is a new technique used by highway robbers in Johor Bahru.Please inform your friends and relatives.Please take this seriously. Sorry, copied this from an email I received and I can't seem to change the font...

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The COE deposit will revert back to $10,000 from $5,000 effective October 4. A temporary relief was granted to businesses and potential vehicle owners since last August due to the economic downturn. The categories affected are for cars of 1,600 cc and below and taxis, cars above 1,601 cc and above, goods vehicles and buses and open category. Motorcycles remain unaffected pegged at $200.

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Certificates of entitlement for cars up to 1,600cc ended at $29,000 compared two weeks ago at $32,104.For cars above 1,600cc is $42,810 from $43,334.

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Today I receive a letter from LTA to pay a fine for insufficient fund in my cash card. Few days ago, I was driving along Nicoll Highway at about 6:15pm. I know there is a ERP gantry and my cash card still has $2.53. However, when I drove through, there is a beep and my amount is not deduct. It is very annoying to get fine when the ERP rate keeps changing every 30 minutes. I though I should be able to drive pass but eventually, I got a fine because it is $3 at that moment. Usually, it is only 50 cents to $2. Any advise?

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I have some friends arriving to live here in 2 weeks time and they will need to get a car but have thought it may be better to lease one...has anyone any recommendations?

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Does anybody know where I could buy an electric scooter? Thanks.

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Starting Aug 1, lower toll charges will they effect on the Second Link.The reduced fees are as follows with current prices in brackets:Motorcycles from $0.50 ($0.70)Cars $3.20 ($4.60)Van/ Small Lorries $7.40 ($10.50)Big Lorries $14.70 ($21.00)Taxis$2.50 ($3.50)Buses$3.90($5.60)

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Hi, I recently bought a 50cc scooter. Do I need to get an insurance for it? Thanks

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My car was submerged in water. Does anybody know if the insurance will cover the expense?

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Wow, this is amazing news to all cyclists! I wish they could build it sooner so that it is safer for cyclists to be on the road.

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