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If you are staying in Singapore this Chinese New Year, the must see event is the Chingay Parade. I heard tickets are almost sold out. You better purchase your tickets so you can have a good view of the parade.

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Will be having friends over next month and I am thinking of taking them on walking tours around the city to showcase life in Singapore and history too. Any ideas where to get in touch? Thank you.

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Apparently it's being converted into a hotel called the warehouse hotel

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Went and saw this on Thursday night - superb, so professional and superby performed - recommend it!

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If you long to watch UK channels without any annoying VPN or substandard live streaming, they have a special offer in Angloinfo. We subscribed to this and it is worth your investment.http://mytvabroad.com/uk-package-angloinfo/

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To all Pokemon Go players, some sensitive forest and wetland habitats are off limits to us such as Bukit Timah Nature reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.  

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Went to the Esplanade Concert hall and enjoyed watching theAWO - it was amazing - there were about 6 returns of the conductor AlexanderBriger  but sadly no encore. 

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It saddens me that this happened to them. Nobody saw the divorce coming. Unfortunately with Brangelina breaking up, Jennifer Aniston's name is being dragged into this. I hope the world will leave them all alone. 

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I have skipped the F1 race for the past two years but decided to go this year. I had a such a good time at the concerts. My goodness the energy was fantastic!

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On Friday parking spaces in Telok Ayer, Bukit Pasoh, Jalan Besar, Bugis, Kampong Glam, Sembawang and Tiong Bahru will be turned into parks. There will be carnivals,cultural exhibition and food and drinks booth.

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Can anybody suggest where I could hire a DJ? Thank you.

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Lovin' this Singapore's version of coachella at Fort Canning!

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The story doesn't get old and it still tugs my heart despite having watched it in broadway and West End. You can still catch it at Esplanade.

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I'm organizing an office event and we need fire dancers and lion dancers. I hope you can refer me to a group. Thanks.

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I went and saw this last night - it was amazing. The performance was engaging and emotional and the cast was simply stunningIts on until 4 June - an hour and 20 mins of pure entertainmentSee more at: https://www.angloinfo.com/singapore/events/listing/singapore-jacques-brel-is-alive-and-well-living-in-paris-singtheatre-some-seats-left-book-now#sthash.D4Yy8e4c.dpuf

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Can someone help me look for a blues musician who can perform at a friend's wedding?

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Just heard he has died from cancer related illness - had no idea he was ill :(

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My favorite was Cate Blanchett's... It was ethereal so elegant.

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Several friends will be visiting soon and would like to visit a rooftop bar. Any recommendations for nice bars with a rooftop view?

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At 1-Altitude. The theme is Snow kings and queens. Entrance fee is $40 with two drinks.

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