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It's the very last weekend of Km8. Thought I'd give it a shot today as I've never been. Heard it's only busy on a Sunday (I'm guessing that might be why it's closing), but hoping it will be just as good. Does anyone know what they will be doing in the area once it's gone?

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What a shame, a sign of the times I guess

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Taken from the Km8 website:

Km8 will end its 4-year tenancy lease at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa on 31 March 2009. It did not receive an option to renew its lease from its landlord, Sentosa. Instead, a public tender in September 2008 was opened by Sentosa to invite interested parties to submit proposals for a new outlet to replace the existing Km8. Although Km8 participated in the tender, it was subsequently given an extension of its own lease to run business till 31 March 2009. Thereafter, Km8 will officially close its doors to its regular public and embark on a new journey to discover another fresh and exciting spot.


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what is Km8?

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