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Hi I am a big Liverpool fan and was wanting to catch up with some like-minded people for the Chelsea match on Saturday (tomorrow) and more after that. Is there a supporters club here? YNWA Cheers*****

started by: ginnyp · last update: 1169304866 · posted: 1157999022

Looking to find a lively bar where there are a good mix of people in their late 20's...any suggestions

started by: jennifer-17581 · last update: 1168773612 · posted: 1168773612

He may be 60 but wow his concert last night was fantastic, the only complaint is that would like to have heard more from his past when he was with cream. The indoor stadium was a sell out, the atmosphere amazing.

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I have just returned from a great Christmas holiday in Bali. We stayed in a lovely villa rented through www.balivillas.com and my children, 10 yrs and 8 yrs, both learnt to surf with www.balilearntosurf.com They offer a great service, including pick up and drop off, and the teachers were professional and safe. A truly wonderful experience at Christmas. Suze1 Suze1

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I wanted to buy some DVD for my god son in the UK but then someone mentioned I need to make sure that they can play them over there as they are area sensitive. Is this true?

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Just seen that My Fair Lady will be performing in Singapore in January...did anyone see it in London? Any comments, should be a good show?

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The replica of the Swedish 18th century merchant vessel "Gothenberg" is in Singapore till Jan 9. Docked at VivoCity's promenade. Tickets $10 for adults and $5 for kinds under 12.

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My daughter wants some speakers for her i-pod mini. There seem to be differrent ones on the market apart from Apple's own (very expensive) ones. Can anyone recommend any in particular?Caren

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Upcoming City Carnival will be held at the SMU campus from 8th to 11th Feb 2007. Poised to be a mega bazaar nestled in the heart of the vibrant downtown scene, City Carnival is a community-based project, where we are inviting commercial vendors, student vendors and community partners to be active participants of City Carnival. As for our publicity avenues, we will be advertising in the print media and also embark on a publicity drive via the use of posters, flyers and e-mailers. Our community partners such as Central Singapore CDC and YMCA will also assist us in reaching out to their constituents and members respectively. www.citycarnival.com.sg victor@citycarnival.com.sg or info@citycarnival.com.sg

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The Government of France has subsidised a new 24 hour satellite news channel in order to break the so said Anglo-American bias on international news coverage. Unfortunately this will not be on Asian TV for another 3 years, however it can be accessed via the Internet using on-line video streaming at http://www.france24.com Lynn

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Saw this show last night, excellent...if your French is not so good there are sub titles, but its better to get a program and read that before the show starts. Its been extended to 19th Nov and worth seeing the dance and acrobatics are amazing and the music so good we even bought the CD! My 15 yr old daughter loved it and she could follow most of the French.

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My husband needs to hire evening dress for a ball. Does anyone know where to go? RobertaRoberta

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My brother and I are coming to Singapore to see the parents but we want to have a bit of a party while we are there. We are not sure when to come, as we are both at university we are a bit flexible, what happens for Chinese New Year, is is big and colourful? Thanks for the helping us!

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For all budding guitar palyers that may be interested there will be a Masterclass held on 23rd Oct at Victoria Theatre at 1pm with Tommy Emmanuel.

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For those Cliff Richard Fans, just announced Cliff Richard is here on 11 Feb 07!

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There is a film about a maid's plight working in Singapore, (Alliance Francaise Saturday)...the Straits Times asks if it depicts employers fairly. Last time it was shown in August it caused quite a stir ..at least now in standard contracts a maid should have rest days on a weekly or monthly basis as a standard practise, however this is law, so cannot be enforced.

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Just heard that Sky news is coming on to Channel 79 today...is this a rumour or is it true...guess we will know later today. At the moment I watch Sky news at 06.30am every morning and get a brief bit of UK news and sport on channel 18

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Someone mentioned the nutcracker is on in Singapore. Does anyone know? If it is a child/teen friendly version I'd like to take the kids. Where would it be if it is on? Freddy

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Has anyone seen this yet? please let me know if its worth going to, heard they want to play in the West End, London.

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For those that haven't heard Eric Clapton is coming to Singapore in January! Ticket prices start at $85 and go up to $399! Lets hope he doesn't get cold feet and cancel like Robbie. Lynn

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