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I bought the entire album of Taylor Swift's latest and I love every song. I love the 80s vibe to her music. Her transition to pop is seamless!

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I was just glad tha Mariah hit all notes. It was just unfortunate that she looked winded for most part. The concert lasted for 1 1/5 hours but she took some 3 ten minute costume changes.

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I was looking over the What's on guide and just discovered the Leo Sayer is coming to Singapore next year, January 17 at the Esplanade. It's a one night only concert.

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I have to share this link about Miss Saigon's 25th anniversary gala! Fantastic performances! Miss Saigon was the first musical I watched on West End 20 years ag.

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OMG! She rocked the house and she is the envy of all women because even at 40 she still has her mojo!

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I have two tickets that I won't be able to use for the Podium party on Sept 19. Any takers?

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Hi, does anybody know if there are any cinemas that regularly screens Indie films?

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Will a 5 year old girl enjoy this film?

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Looking forward to rock n roll tonight at the Rock of Ages musical!!

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In case you haven't heard of its opening this week. Very good shows have been lined up this year. Looking forward to it starting this weekend. https://sifa.sg/

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Watched it last night and it brought back beautiful childhood memories. I am impressed with the cast. Maria held her own compared to Julie Andrews. Really amazing! One bad thing is the person seating beside me sang all the songs. Can't shut up the entire show. 

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Here is something that you can look forward to watching with your little one http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/bunny0914?cid=highlight-knufflebunny  

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Which is the best one to use in Singapore, any suggestions?

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This musicale that I grew up watching is coming to Sg start July 11-27. The tickets are now on sale. 

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Thank God they have added another night for Taylor Swift's concert in Singapore! Tickets will go on sale on May 31. My girls are excited!

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To all moms with teenaged kids, brace yourself One Direction is coming to Singapore on March 11, 2015. Tickets will be on sale as early as June 14, 2014.

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Calling all gentlemen! Ever wonder what happens in the club during a ladies' night out? If so, join us for a ladies' night at Mansion Club, a rare day to have a ladies' night in Singapore's clubbing scene. Take this opportunity to take photos with our FUSE angels! All ladies will enjoy free entry to the club and five complimentary drinks too!   Venue:           Mansion Bay Club @ Esplanade                        (8 Raffles Ave, Esplanade Mall) Date:               Sat, 24 May Time:              10pm till late Fees: FUSE Members SAFRA Members Free Entry (Drinks not incl.) *Pre-order your drinks for the night at only $6/drink $10 (Incl. of 1 alcoholic drink)   For more information, please visit: www.safra.sg/LNO  

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Anybody have an opinion on which cinema chain is better? Shaw or Golden Village?

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If you haven't heard yet, Lionel Richie will be in Singapore for a one-night concert at the Indoor Stadium tomorrow.

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This is a must-see at the ArtScience Museum. Fantastic collection!!!

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