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Honestly, I don't understand why the world wide web is making a big deal about Psy's second single youtube hits. Can anybody enlighten me please?

started by: carree-43300 · last update: 1366030431 · posted: 1366030431

Found this at the What's On page of Angloinfo. looks interesting to me. Might be interesting to you too. http://singapore.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/25141/rabbit-hole-beautiful-dramatic-exquisite.-backstage

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Has anybody seen the movie, The Croods? Will my four year old daughter enjoy it? Thanks.

started by: Kae-34376 · last update: 1364295203 · posted: 1363962569

Let's rock n roll tonight at Fort Canning Green with the likes of Paul Simon, Bonnie Raitt and Rufus Wainwright! 6:30pm.

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He is coming to Singapore on April 27! I know he is quite advance in age but my oh my he's still got it...

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Watching the Grammys...wow Sting's mojo has not changed a bit! Hahaha!

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It's coming back on March 14-17!

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I wonder where we could watch  Oprah's interview of Lance Armstrong. Any ideas?

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I am so crazy about A Thousand Years (Breaking Dawn theme song) and I found this amazing cover of this song by a group called The Piano Guys. They have made the song even more timeless with their cover. I was also entertained by their cover of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful. That cover was so much fun. Good thing they are on iTunes and I just bought all their songs. Lovely lovely lovely! Worth listening to, worth buying too!

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Hi, the movie rental shop in our area closed. Is there an online movie rental shop? Thanks.

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Watching the Golden Globes and I am weeping now because of Jodie Foster's speech.

started by: Kae-34376 · last update: 1358172644 · posted: 1356523333

Tried to watch yesterday but the theatre was a full-house. Looking forward to watching it tonight. I hope it lives up to its expectations.

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Any ideas where we could go or what we could do this weekend other than the mall? Thanks.

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Has anybody seen the musical? How is it?

started by: babylon-34341 · last update: 1355995869 · posted: 1355831527

The Hobbit is a must-see movie if you are a fan of the TLOR trilogy. Peter Jackson as usual was amazing! The start was a bit slow but only because they used it to answer some questions which they have gotten from the Appendix.

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Wow Santana is coming to Singapore next year! http://singapore.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/24689/the-sentient-tour-santana-live-in-singapore-4-march-2013

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This is the first time I missed the ZoukOut in all the years I have been living here. Based on the photos, it seems it hasn't lost its electrifying touch. It still is the party of year!

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I walked through mud but it was worth it after dancing and singing with J. Lo. She was so awesome...Love all her outfits!

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For the first time in my entire adult life, this was the first time that I could say this movie is so much better than the book. The book's climax was boring but the movie made it more interesting. I so love the twist!

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What is the big fuss over K-pop? It's all over the news. They cannot even sing!!!

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