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My daughter is a normal healthy girl but gets really stressed before school starts. Sometimes to the point of wanting to be sick. She'll have all her work in order and nothing to fear, really, but she just gets herself all knotted up. I wonder if hypnotherapy would help. Has anyone tried it?

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My son came home drunk last evening . He is 14. He said that was some free tasting of some drinks at one (very popular by teenagers and youth) shop.mall in the middle of Orchard and that he heard from his friends that that is very often there (I don't want to name it as I'm not sure in his story.......). He didn't want to tell what he was drinking, but smelt badly on beer. Of course, he was sick all night........ Just for the records - that is the first time that he came home in that condition, and he is allowed to stay out until 8 pm. So, that "tasting" was in some late afternoon time........ I know that is against the law to sell/give any alcohol (including beer) to underage persons. I will definatelly check this place what he mentioned to me, but I will have one question - if I saw that at some place are selling or giving some kind of alcohol drinks to teenagers, what can I do? To report to someone? Police or? Any phone number........?

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We will be moving to Singapore in July for one year and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I need to get any vaccines for the children at all before we come? Can anyone advise? Thankyou!

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My husband has a job offer in Singapore. But I'm having second thoughts because I heard that education in international schools is quite expensive. Can you please give me a rough estimate of the cost of education in international schools – preschool, elementary, middle school and high school? Thanks for all your help.

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Happy Chinese New Year!I am babysitting my friend's kids this weekend because of a family emergency. I need help on what sort of activities we can do. Your ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I was informed by my son's teacher that he'd be needing a shadow teacher. Is there an organization who can help me make an informed opinion about this? And where to get a shadow teacher if indeed my son needs one?

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We've recently moved to Singapore and i'd like to set-up a website with photo's and a blog so our friends and family back home can see what we have been up to. What is a good site to use to set up a personal website. I don't want anything complicated just a simple blog and photo page. thanks in advance

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My daughter wants to pursue writing and she wants to attend an enrichment class for writing. She can either do a group or one on one workshop. Do you know a school where they are offering this workshop? Thanks.

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Need to find a good tutor for a 10 year old who has some mild learning difficulties. Any recommendations?

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My son's shadow teacher is leaving Singapore. Can anybody recommnend a shadow teacher that specialises in kids with ADHD? Thanks.

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Does anyone know of expats placing their children in local schools?I haven't met anyone yet, and think it's probably due to cultural reasons? On the other hand,Singaporean schools are supposed to be very good and the fees for the private schools here are enormous. What are the options? grateful for any advice from you who have experience...!

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Both my children are starting a new school and taking Spanish as a second language. I'd like to give them some extra lessons as they have not taken the language before. Are there any good spanish tutors available here? Annie

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Hi, can anyone tell me where the best (cheapest) place to buy Playstation games is in Singapore? Anywhere but Sim Lim, I don't trust them there.

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Does anyone know of any kids swimming teachers around the East Coast area. i'd like my daughter to take some lessons. Thanks

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What international school do you recommend for my kids, primary level?

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Any recommendations for a photographer to take family pictures? Would be nice if it was affordable.

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my 5 year old was sent home from school today with head lice! I was told to buy a shampoo and treat it and not to send her back to school for 3 days! I don't understand why she would get them as she washes her hair every evening! How can we avoid this happening again?

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I find a lot of different tuition service in Singapore. As a parent, sometimes I feel confuse to choose the good one. Anyone of you feel like that ? Let's share our opinion here.From my point of view, the tuition is not the major point for our children. The important thing is the quality of the tutor. Our children also need to feel convenient when studying with a specific type of tutor.Here, I would like to recommend you to check Mindworks Tuition (http://mindworkstuition.com/). This tuition give you power to choose any kind of tutor that you like based on your needs. They will help you to meet your request and find the most appropriate tutor for you. Anyone also have a good experience ?

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EP-Tec Store is ecommerce website in sinagpore and selling educational robotic toys.Our Office Store: www.eptecstore.com.

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What's a good private school that is affordable? My son will be entering preschool this year. How difficult is it to enter into these schools?

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