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What international school do you recommend for my kids, primary level?

started by: weena · last update: 1610286458 · posted: 1452509018

What's a good private school that is affordable? My son will be entering preschool this year. How difficult is it to enter into these schools?

started by: Leonard · last update: 1608980992 · posted: 1475041516

What international school in Johor Bahru do you recommend for children between 4 to 8 years old?

started by: Courtney · last update: 1608568705 · posted: 1476498028

I hope to hear your suggestions on the best IS school that follows American curriculum. Thank you.

started by: Verna-53243 · last update: 1608307415 · posted: 1281701322

My husband has a job offer in Singapore. But I'm having second thoughts because I heard that education in international schools is quite expensive. Can you please give me a rough estimate of the cost of education in international schools – preschool, elementary, middle school and high school? Thanks for all your help.

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Hello interested applicant, I seek your permission to post on this page. Job opportunity in LONDON... I am looking for serious workers to work at my home here in LONDON.. Like an Au Pair/Nanny, Babysitter, Chef, Driver, Security Guard, Office Cleaner, Domestic Workers, Housekeeper & Governess...Host Family is responsible for (, flying ticket, food and accommodation free)if you are interested in work with anyone email me or send your CV to (mariasmithluv850@gmail.com )

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Can anyone recommend a dance class and location for toddlers. Thinking of enrolling my daughter in ballet classes.

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I enrolled my kids to Tanglin Arts Studio for dance lessons and they absolutely loved it! It's a great place for my kids. I get a time off while they dance their way. Highly recommended.

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I am looking for a cute halloween costume for a one year old girl. Nothing scary for her, just something really nice and cute. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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My son's shadow teacher is leaving Singapore. Can anybody recommnend a shadow teacher that specialises in kids with ADHD? Thanks.

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Any recommendations for a photographer to take family pictures? Would be nice if it was affordable.

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One of the biggest modern stressors many parents have been tackling in the last few months is screen time. From children to adults, the time spent on digital devices has skyrocketed. According to some surveys, 1.5 billion people suffer from myopia, also known as short-sightedness. This number will rise to 5 billion by 2050, and 1 billion will develop high myopia, which can lead to blindness. Studies have shown that excessive smart device use is a key contributing factor.So it is not possible to completely reduce the use of children's devices, so that limitations can be made on their screens like set the screen time limit on their phones, block inappropriate apps and websites, remotely screen lock on all apps, monitor and track their device behavior as well as location tracking, etc. by only through the parental control apps. So then if you want to keep your kid's eyes safe and healthy from myopia and excessive device use, you will definitely need screen time parental control app on your kid's phone

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Hi, can anyone tell me where the best (cheapest) place to buy Playstation games is in Singapore? Anywhere but Sim Lim, I don't trust them there.

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I am planning to take up a certificate course and I can't find someone who can take care of my two-year old while I am in class. I hope I can get good recommendations from moms here for a daycare in the CBD area. Thanks.

started by: weena · last update: 1597492087 · posted: 1387463412

Could there be a daycare in CBD area? If you know a place, please do let me know. Thanks.

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Keep your house cleaning, Personal hygiene is crucial to protect you and your family from COVID-19 Pandemic

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EP-Tec Store is ecommerce website in sinagpore and selling educational robotic toys.Our Office Store: www.eptecstore.com.

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We've recently moved to Singapore and i'd like to set-up a website with photo's and a blog so our friends and family back home can see what we have been up to. What is a good site to use to set up a personal website. I don't want anything complicated just a simple blog and photo page. thanks in advance

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Looking to hire a helper - live in - any tips welcomed

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I want to apply for PR but several people have told me it's a Long process and I am unlikely to get it on the first attempt. What are others experience?

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