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EP-Tec Store is ecommerce website in sinagpore and selling educational robotic toys.Our Office Store: www.eptecstore.com.

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Keep your house cleaning, Personal hygiene is crucial to protect you and your family from COVID-19 Pandemic

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Hello interested applicant, I seek your permission to post on this page. Job opportunity in LONDON... I am looking for serious workers to work at my home here in LONDON.. Like an Au Pair/Nanny, Babysitter, Chef, Driver, Security Guard, Office Cleaner, Domestic Workers, Housekeeper & Governess...Host Family is responsible for (, flying ticket, food and accommodation free)if you are interested in work with anyone email me or send your CV to (mariasmithluv850@gmail.com )

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We've recently moved to Singapore and i'd like to set-up a website with photo's and a blog so our friends and family back home can see what we have been up to. What is a good site to use to set up a personal website. I don't want anything complicated just a simple blog and photo page. thanks in advance

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I am looking for a cute halloween costume for a one year old girl. Nothing scary for her, just something really nice and cute. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Any recommendations for a photographer to take family pictures? Would be nice if it was affordable.

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Looking to hire a helper - live in - any tips welcomed

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I want to apply for PR but several people have told me it's a Long process and I am unlikely to get it on the first attempt. What are others experience?

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To all the moms out here, Singapore is launching a family and kid-friendly event from March 11 to 19. This will be held at Clarke Quay. There will be live performances and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

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I am looking for a playgroup in the East Coast area for Feb 10 morning? Thank you.

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Bit of a plug and no money changing hands but dont miss this event - to see the buildings lit in this creative way is simply stunning - check out more HERE

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I am helping a friend organize her child's 7th birthday party. We're looking for a place where there are unique kids' activities for 7-8 years old. Your suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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What is the going rate these days - I am paying S$800 a month but the amounts seem to vary a lot. My helper has said that her friend is being paid over $1000 a month?

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I am helping a friend, do you have any recommendations for a paediatrician that specialises in children's developmental behavior? Thank you.

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Hi, I need help. I have very sore nipples and I don't know how to help myself. I would appreciate if you could help me. Thanks. 

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Starting today, Gardens by the Bay is hosting a children's festival. They have a special feature on dinosaurs which is sure to tickle the imagination of our children. 

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HI, can anybody recommend a good drop in center for 2 yo in the CBD area? Thank you.

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If you want to have a date with your kids, get them to see this play. It will open on Feb 24. I already booked our tickets for opening night. My kids and I can't wait.

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Happy Chinese New Year!I am babysitting my friend's kids this weekend because of a family emergency. I need help on what sort of activities we can do. Your ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Just heard Tanderra at Dempsey has closed http://www.tanderrasingapore.com/ Will theY be refunding fees?

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