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The most comprehensive language learning apps onlineWordsmith, a product of Wordsmith Learning Hub Pte Ltd, is one of the most exhaustive language learning apps online for Tamil to English and English to Tamil dictionary, plus an advanced spell check feature.If you are searching online for the easiest way to search for English to Tamil and Tamil to English words online, then this is it. An expanding vocabulary of 50,000+ word entries makes it one of the fastest growing English to Tamil and Tamil to English dictionaries online. Wordsmith can be an important tool in a language learners’ arsenal from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels such as academicians, students, professionals and linguists. It also brings you to the table related words with the correct pronunciation form. The app’s auto-suggestion feature ensures you need not type full words at all times.Two-way DictionaryThe dictionary can be made use of in several ways –translate Tamil words to English, translate English words to Tamil. The app’s objective is to help those looking to study Tamil words and letters fast and easy. The app features a highly simple and functional User Interface (UI) to provide users with the required information using an extremely intuitive design. The app also comes with a clean layout. The screens are clear and clutter-free assisted by simple navigation and guided by app standards.Wordsmith, over and above being a dictionary, has a learning and translation tool. The app comes ready with auto suggestion which means you don’t have to enter the full word every time while you’re searching for a word. You can save words to study plan. You can also find improved word suggestions while typing words. There is ‘correct word suggestion’ even if you misspell any word. The Tamil and English word search of the app can work like a ‘charm’ giving you prefixed matched words instantly when you type in any word. You can access and use this app even offline without an active internet connection.English to Tamil translation dictionaryFor English to Tamil translation, Enable for English => Tamil option. The English word in the box is to be entered; click ‘SEARCH’.Tamil to English translation dictionaryFor Tamil to English translation, Enable for Tamil=> English feature. The Tamil word in the box is to be entered; click ‘SEARCH’.When any English or Tamil alphabet sequence is entered within this Tamil Dictionary word list, the alphabet sequence is matched in a ‘prefix’ form which is filtered and displayed automatically.

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We've recently moved to Singapore and i'd like to set-up a website with photo's and a blog so our friends and family back home can see what we have been up to. What is a good site to use to set up a personal website. I don't want anything complicated just a simple blog and photo page. thanks in advance

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I am looking for a cute halloween costume for a one year old girl. Nothing scary for her, just something really nice and cute. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Any recommendations for a photographer to take family pictures? Would be nice if it was affordable.

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Looking to hire a helper - live in - any tips welcomed

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I want to apply for PR but several people have told me it's a Long process and I am unlikely to get it on the first attempt. What are others experience?

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To all the moms out here, Singapore is launching a family and kid-friendly event from March 11 to 19. This will be held at Clarke Quay. There will be live performances and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

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I am looking for a playgroup in the East Coast area for Feb 10 morning? Thank you.

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Bit of a plug and no money changing hands but dont miss this event - to see the buildings lit in this creative way is simply stunning - check out more HERE

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I am helping a friend organize her child's 7th birthday party. We're looking for a place where there are unique kids' activities for 7-8 years old. Your suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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What is the going rate these days - I am paying S$800 a month but the amounts seem to vary a lot. My helper has said that her friend is being paid over $1000 a month?

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I am helping a friend, do you have any recommendations for a paediatrician that specialises in children's developmental behavior? Thank you.

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Hi, I need help. I have very sore nipples and I don't know how to help myself. I would appreciate if you could help me. Thanks. 

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Starting today, Gardens by the Bay is hosting a children's festival. They have a special feature on dinosaurs which is sure to tickle the imagination of our children. 

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HI, can anybody recommend a good drop in center for 2 yo in the CBD area? Thank you.

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If you want to have a date with your kids, get them to see this play. It will open on Feb 24. I already booked our tickets for opening night. My kids and I can't wait.

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Happy Chinese New Year!I am babysitting my friend's kids this weekend because of a family emergency. I need help on what sort of activities we can do. Your ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Just heard Tanderra at Dempsey has closed http://www.tanderrasingapore.com/ Will theY be refunding fees?

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I find it amazing that Tanglin Mall SC has Already added their Xmas decorations, living close by it really annoys me as causes all sorts of problems getting through to the SC - narrow walk way and many people taking pictures of the gourdy decorations - dread to think when the fake snow starts!

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I hope to hear your suggestions on the best IS school that follows American curriculum. Thank you.

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