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My 20-year-old student Daughter Florence will be with us in SG for 3 months over the summer most of which my wife & I will be at work. Any ideas on how she could meet up with similar aged/likeminded people please? We've only been here a few months so our social circle isn't that big. Thanks Paul

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TisforTomato 1401468183

hi, don't know if she's been here before, but at 20 she might be interested in doing some exploring on her own, visiting old haunts or discovering new ones. sg has lots of quirky, eclectic little cafes dotted throughout the island and in the neighbourhoods, and new ones sprouting all the time. they'e great pitstops to surf, read or just chill and people watch.

three months is also a good timeframe to learn a new skill- wakeboarding, sailing, go-karting, rockclimbing, riding, cooking, baking, singing, dance, acting in a play etc etc- or do some volunteer work (for the elderly, underprivileged children, at-risk youths, abused/abandoned animals, in soup kitchens, doing home visits, meal deliveries, house cleaning etc etc). both are really great ways of meeting and making new friends from the local and expat communities. there are also many special interest groups (depending on your daughter's interests) that meet up weekly to several times a week.

and of course places to visit and sg's events calendar (F1, festival of arts, french films, flea markets, Gardens' events, dj gigs, concerts, performances etc etc etc).

emmah-17623 1401529705

Also look at some of the associations, ANZA, American Association - good for sports etc or BritCham for some of their younger peoples pub crawls, even try looking at meetup.com for Singapore - is she looking for any work experience  she could apply for a holiday work pass and get a job very easily - angloinfo has a page about it http://singapore.angloinfo.com/information/working/work-permits/work-holiday-pass/ my son managed to get one twice and was able to work whilst in Singapore both times and they last for 6 months

McCubbin 1401534240

Thanks guys... really good of you to take the time to reply. Florence was out here at Christmas but we'd only been here a couple months so didn't have the best of times.

I'll email her your suggestions and she can di some research before she comes in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again



Jennifer 1401620689

Also check out AngloINFO's What's ON there are courses that she might be interested in too

And there might be some areas under Expat Community Life that could be helpful as well as the Sport & Leisure section


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