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My ex-wife and I both agree that it is best for my daughter to live with me because my ex-wife is starting a family and she doesn't want our daughter to be left out in the process. I am thinking of settling her in a local primary school instead of international schools because I want her to be grounded in the culture and language of Singapore. My question is what are the chances that she'll be able to get a slot? I do understand that foreigners are at the bottom of the list. Am I just wishful thinking that we would be able to get a spot? I hope you can share your experiences with me. Thank you.

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Stuart-34306 1407488894

You will probably get a spot but be prepared that the location will be as far as possible.

jessicaclone 1408116810

My friend had to wait until mid Decemeber to get a confirmed spot.

grandmm 1408378566

MOE is changing the policy for Phase 3 admission this year that's why most parents have to wait until mid December to get a confirmed spot because of oversubsciption.

FDRQ 1408386825

What do you mean by oversubscription?

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