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What's a good private school that is affordable? My son will be entering preschool this year. How difficult is it to enter into these schools?

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Stuart-34306 1452598578

Unfortunately, private education in Singapore has a very high premium. There are no affordable schools here.

Admin-33483 1452681417

You have a wider options in AngloINFO's comprehensive list of Preschools, Kindergartens & Nursery

m&m-34247 1452794894

You can try the local schools but it will take awhile to wait for the slot.

jessicaclone 1452845612

Have you checked with Shaws Preschool?

Victor-Noah-948004 1598024813

St. Hilda's Primary School is one of the best independent schools in Singapore. The school has professional teachers who are committed to provide development of mind, body, and spirit.

Larson-Woods-979296 1610286457

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