Alcohol for underage kids

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My son came home drunk last evening . He is 14. He said that was some free tasting of some drinks at one (very popular by teenagers and youth) shop.mall in the middle of Orchard and that he heard from his friends that that is very often there (I don't want to name it as I'm not sure in his story.......). He didn't want to tell what he was drinking, but smelt badly on beer. Of course, he was sick all night........ Just for the records - that is the first time that he came home in that condition, and he is allowed to stay out until 8 pm. So, that "tasting" was in some late afternoon time........ I know that is against the law to sell/give any alcohol (including beer) to underage persons. I will definatelly check this place what he mentioned to me, but I will have one question - if I saw that at some place are selling or giving some kind of alcohol drinks to teenagers, what can I do? To report to someone? Police or? Any phone number........?

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You can report it to the Police Hotline: 1800 353 0000

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I agree with the above post, but maybe see if you can get a few more facts in place first.

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