How does your kid prepare for the exams?

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Ben here. Just wanted to ask if other parents here have the same problem. my boy is 15 this year and he's okay when it comes to homework and assignments. not like fantastic or anything but he gets his B3s and even A2s sometimes. just that when the exams come, everything seems to fly out the window and he always ends up with lower grades than he's capable of. does anyone have any tips to help him? is it specific to subjects too because this always happens for math and science subjects. his languages are so-so but my wife says he's always fantastic at home but seems to forget or mess up during the real thing. any help/tips are welcome. we are happy to try anything at this point thanks in advance.

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You might want to consider bringing him to a counsellor. I had the same problem with my daughter. When exam time comes she gets so nervous she forgets everything. When we brought her to a counsellor we discovered that she was afraid to fail. We also went through family theraphy to help her and now she is doing very well.

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During exam week, there are no distractions at TV, no web surfing and social media.

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My wife makes mock exam for all our children. It gives them confidence that they can do well and when the see my wife make that extra effort they appreciate it.

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saw this on a local mummy blogger's instagram (klessislee). she writes on j babies in the daisies.

anyway, she posted on her instagram this picture with link ( so I went in and took a look. looks quite interesting ... talks about mindset being important for exams.

i put my email in - but once again, i will wait and see what happens first. will update everyone in time.


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