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What international school do you recommend for my kids, primary level?

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yogabagaba 1448881873

Stamford American is hihl recommended. They have an open house on Dec. 4. 

Ellie-38853 1448979456

All my kids went to EtonHouse for primary. They really enjoyed their time there. Thanks.

Mr. W 1448993593

IIS is also a good primary school.

NBA Fanatic 1449063515

Our children are having a great time learning from GEMS World Academy. 

weena 1449134076

Your suggestions are all good schools. We are now trying to short list to our top 2. And hopefully we can make a decision from there. 

Admin-17548 1449504170

You have more options in International Expat Primary Schools

Larson-Woods-979296 1610353095

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