Maid Salary

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What is the going rate these days - I am paying S$800 a month but the amounts seem to vary a lot. My helper has said that her friend is being paid over $1000 a month?

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Ulyses 1500333013

Hmmm...Do you have small children? If none then $800 is a good rate.

Ruth 1500505719

Maids nowadays are so spoilt. 

Admin 1500567072

Perhaps you can have a look at the local business listings at Domestic Help & Singapore Maid Agencies and ask the business owners the current baseline of maid's salaries.

Jennifer 1500713983

I think somewhere between 650 and 800 is about right, but depends on the extras. Our helper gets 13 months salary and we give her a tcicket home every year, plus we pay additional health insurance

Sarah-Holdsworth 1501406280

Honestly I dont think they get paid enough - they also pay a government levy which they dont get back unlike in Hong Kong

Ulyses 1501458264

Are they? Do you provide health insurance to your maids?

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