Marriage Counseling

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Can couseling really help couples patch the differences in marriage? My husband and I have been having problems because I am unable to conceive. where can we go for counseling? Thanks.

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yogabagaba 1404575777

Counselling helps but it will depend mostly on how open the couples are in making the marriage work.  Have you tried IVF?

Mr. W 1404745462

When we were having problems with our marriage after moving here, we went to The Counselling Place for help. They journeyed with us as a couple and helped us breakdown the barriers we encountered with the move. My wife and I are happily married because of their help.

Admin 1404834574

Thanks we have tried IVF twice but both were not successful ;-(

yogabagaba 1405272268

Legally it may be grounds for divorce but your husband made a vow to you love you and to cherish you in whatever circumstance.

m&m-34247 1405333348

I hope you and your husband can work things out.

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