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Hi, can anyone tell me where the best (cheapest) place to buy Playstation games is in Singapore? Anywhere but Sim Lim, I don't trust them there.

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Andreja 1244680982

Maybe Funan? I've heard that some things are very cheap there.

Try to investigate by yourself as maybe you will discover some other place/shop. Last year I've tried to find some PSP game for my son; someone told me for Lucky Plaza like there you can bargain and buy games for much less than normal price. That game at Sony (Wisma Atria) was around S$ 80, and in one shop at Lucky Plaza they didn't want to go less then S$ 90 (first price was S$ 100)!! I've told them that at Wisma this game is cheaper and their answers was "than you go there!" - well, fair enough but not kind at all ....... After few days I've ran across one small shop full of games at Plaza Singapura #06, just next to the food court, where I've found exactly the same game for S$ 65.

Lately I've heard that at Far East Plaza you can find some IT-things cheap so maybe this is valid for games as well.

Andi-20123 1244707546

Not sure where you live but I usually get Playstation games from a little shop in B1 of Parkway Parade. Never had any issues with them.

ziparound97 1248711427


For genuine stuff, comics connection are reasonable. But stick to one outlet n also maybe sign up as member.

For cheong stuff, JB City Sq.


Milan-Iask-968963 1600186455

Oh, I'm not an expert at this theme, bro, sorry. I like to play games, but not on Playstation mostly, I prefer playing games of chance. I believe that it is cool, that you can earn money just playing a game. check out if you want too.

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