Profit Vs Non Profit Schools

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I don't understand the main difference between these two types of schools other than the other one exists to earn profit and the other one is not. Please do enlighten me. Thanks.

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Profit schools are schools established by business minded people with the aim of generating revenue from the school fees. Examples are CIS, SAIS, OFS, Chatsworth and the Global Indian chain.

Non profit schools are not for profits, owned and run by boards, not for profit trusts and governent groups. Some of the members of the board are from chuches or mission or philantropists. Examples are SAS, ICS, Tanglin Trust, Nexus.

The biggest difference is tha the emphasis in theses schools. Non profit schools will invest in materials, teachers' salaries and if there is a small return it is used for future needs. Whereas a profit school will try its best not to spend on what I have mentioned above to secure its profit for the owners.


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My advice is to go to non profit international school. It is run by real educators and not some flight attendant masquerading as a teacher. 

I have a special son and he was treated badly. There was no real caring in a profil school environment. When I moved my son to a non-profit school, there was a huge improvement in his well-being. He feld more secure and I don't worry too much anymore. I know he is in a good environment.

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