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Hi I will be visiting Singapore next month to check out schools, property etc as hope to be moving here later in the year. I have used Angloinfo in Barcelona all the time and it's really been helpful especially as my Spanish is not as it should be. My children have been at an international school here and obviously want ton find them a similar school in Singapore. I am looking at TANGLIN Trust School  and OFSS and Chatsworth. I would like to hear from any parents their opinions and perhaps any other schools to focus on.

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Jennifer 1404686056

Do take a look at the AngloINFO section on EDUCATION where you fill a comprehensive list of international expat schools and general schooling info.

Mr. W 1404737374

Most of the international schools are similar in nature and curriculum. You need to visit the school to get a feel of how they are. My kids have been with Stamford American International Schoo. What I love about this school is my kids became more confident in academics and in performing arts. It's not a big school so the teachers are able to focus on the needs of the students. 

weena 1404813822

My kids go to Tanlin and they love it there. They have very high standards. There are about 20+ students per class with 1 teacher and 2 assistants. Most of the students are British so if you are looking for more diversity, this school may not be for you. But in terms of education standards, it is on the list.

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