Tanderra closed???!!!!

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Just heard Tanderra at Dempsey has closed http://www.tanderrasingapore.com/ Will theY be refunding fees?

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Admin Singapore 1483164049

This is the email sent to members

Tandarra - Singapore's Family Members' Club


On behalf of Tanderra’s Board and Shareholders I have the
sad and unfortunate task of informing you that effective from today, Tanderra
Pte Ltd will cease operations. The Club has been running a large monthly
cashflow loss since it opened last March and it has now become unsustainable
despite additional funds being pumped into the business, implementing changes
to pricing and an ongoing focus on improving our offering over the past six
months. Whilst we’ve been making progress at reducing the month on month loss,
we have not been able to close the gap as quickly as we needed to and have
found that especially in the last quarter of 2016, a significant proportion of
existing members are leaving Singapore.

The shareholders have voted by a significant majority to
pursue a course of action to complete a compulsory winding up of the Company by
the Singapore Courts as we are now in a position where we are unable to pay our
debts.  The matter will be managed by our
lawyers Singh and Co and any claims relating to Tanderra Pte Ltd will need to
be lodged via their office (details below).

Tanderra has ringfenced member prepayments and deposits
paid since last year to ensure that you are all returned, as the legal process
runs its course, any monies owed to you.

There remain a significant majority of our members who
are in arrears with their payments at Tanderra. Whilst these are at a much
smaller level than I encountered when I joined the Club, if you take into
account November billing (which was due to be paid by the 15th December),
enough is owed that if collected would enable us to meet our legal and tax
obligations to our employees and ensure that they are paid the salaries they
are owed.

We greatly appreciate your help in this.

We will also commence the billing process today for spend
incurred by members during December. We hope to issue these and your final
statement of account (due to system limitations I’m afraid these will be issued
separately) during the first week of January. Payments will need to be made by bank
transfer or PayPal or in person at OCBC (if this is done please ensure your
membership number is used as reference). Any outstanding funds owed to Tanderra
not paid by the end of January will be pursued in due course by our

We will be informing our landlord today that our
operations are ceasing immediately. Our assumption is that they will then
repossess our site. We are in the process of collecting all member belongings
today and advise via our Facebook page when they can come and be collected from

We are hoping to open at the weekend and provide an
opportunity for members to also purchase items from Tanderra. All funds raised
from any sale will be put into paying off the Business creditors, salaries
prioritised. We will communicate via Facebook.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience that our
closing may bring you and your family. I hope you will have happy memories of
your time at the Club and the entire team here wish you all the best for 2017.

Kind regards



Tanderra Pte Ltd has instructed Singh & Co, of 77
High Street, #10-09 High Street Plaza to act as legal counsel in this matter.
Please direct any queries to them in writing at the above address. Ahead of the
Court Hearing, notifications will appear in the National Press.


Copyright © 2016 Tanderra Pte Ltd, All rights reserved.


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Thanks really helpful

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Yes very helpful indeed.

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