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Where can I rent/buy halloween costumes for babies? Looking for really cute ones.

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What international school in Johor Bahru do you recommend for children between 4 to 8 years old?

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Recently bought baby furniture and few accessories from Ni-Night. So for it, they are have super cute things for babies.

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I have no time to make home made baby food. The few times I did my baby didn't like it. Does anyone know where to buy organic baby food? Thanks.

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Where can I buy a mosquito repellent that can be used for infants?

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I am looking for a kid's bed - thought of a loft bed or storage bed.My friend recommended me Ni-Night. I am not preferring IKEA this time for furniture.Any other place for kids bedroom furniture?

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I find a lot of different tuition service in Singapore. As a parent, sometimes I feel confuse to choose the good one. Anyone of you feel like that ? Let's share our opinion here.From my point of view, the tuition is not the major point for our children. The important thing is the quality of the tutor. Our children also need to feel convenient when studying with a specific type of tutor.Here, I would like to recommend you to check Mindworks Tuition (http://mindworkstuition.com/). This tuition give you power to choose any kind of tutor that you like based on your needs. They will help you to meet your request and find the most appropriate tutor for you. Anyone also have a good experience ?

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Hi, where can I buy more nursing dress and tops?

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I have enrolled my children to ARThaus and they loved it! The teachers were very good at handling the kids and were very patient. I highly recommend that you bring your kids to this art school.http://www.arthaus.com.sg/theyoungones.asp

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there is some excellent info of all the International schools in Singapore under https://www.angloinfo.com/singapore/directory/singapore-education-training-11 but I need to help a friend coming from the UK on the best schools for her 9 year old coming from a UK comprehensive school! Any comments

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Please help me find a voice coach  who is classically trained for my 7 year old daughter. Thank you.

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We are looking to move to Singapore and have 2 children aged 9 and 12 - need some guidance, the kids have been in international schools in Holland -  any help comments much appreciated.

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Hi,I am Spanish and my husband is French. We will be moving to Amsterdam in a couple of months. Can I put my children (they have dual nationalities) in a local kindergarten or do we have to send them to private/international schools?Does anyone have experience with local kindergarten? What are the fees like?TIA

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One of my kids wants to do theatre. I am hoping you can recommend a theatre group that conducts classes for 8 years old.

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Hi, I hope you can recommend a private tutor for my kids. Thank you.

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My son is ADHD and it's recommended that he attends kids' yoga classes to help him calm down. Do you have any ideas where we could go? Thank you.

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I hope you can refer me to a private tutor who can teach all subjects. Thanks.

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I hope sone of you can recommend a piano/voice teacher who can come to our house. Thanks.

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My sister and her brood of 4 are coming to Sungaporet for a month. What sort of activities can they do while I am at work on weekdays?

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Recently, bought kids furniture from Ni-Night Pte Ltd- which included a loft bed, bedside table and few accessories. Can anyone suggest any decorative ideas?

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