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Its susch a shame I will be away from Singapore and my helper will have 4 weeks with little to do. I wish she could do some part time work, to add to her income  but understand that this is illegal?   What do others do when they go away. I asked if she wanted to go home but shj said not.

started by: yogabagaba · last update: 1456742340 · posted: 1456742340

My kids have been asking me to prepare bento boxes for their snacks and lunch. Do you have any ideas where I could attend a workshop? Thank you.

started by: Chewbacca-10067902 · last update: 1456392543 · posted: 1456225589

Does anyone know of a store that can rent baby accessories and furnitures on a daily basis, ie stroller, car seat and crib?

started by: MrsDoubtFire-10051264 · last update: 1456392364 · posted: 1456392364

Anyone know of any upcoming puppet shows over the weekend?

started by: MrGrey-10065624 · last update: 1456161646 · posted: 1455876915

Any recommendations for a good yoga class for babies and kids?

started by: MrsDoubtFire-10051264 · last update: 1455190039 · posted: 1454689706

Looking to have my 10 year old get braces. Anyone got recommendations for a good one?

started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1453393118 · posted: 1453393118

Ni-Night Pte ltd brings a very cute and safe baby furniture in Singapore.Our collection includes and not just confined to: Baby Cot Baby Storage Furniture Linens Accessories and lot more like Kids Bed Toddler bed Storage Bed Study Desks Chest of Drawers etc

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1452967880 · posted: 1452608517

I am urgently looking for a confinement nanny. Pls let me know what's the best agency. Or your recommendation is much appreciated.

started by: weena · last update: 1452845612 · posted: 1452509018

What's a good private school that is affordable? My son will be entering preschool this year. How difficult is it to enter into these schools?

started by: strange1 · last update: 1452596103 · posted: 1452509511

I am looking for an art and play therapy to help my child. Any ideas where we could go? Thanks.

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1452103230 · posted: 1451567676

Does anybody know a lactation coach who can help me with breastfeeding? Thanks.

started by: Bea-19605 · last update: 1451290209 · posted: 1451220440

Need to find a good tutor for a 10 year old who has some mild learning difficulties. Any recommendations?

started by: jessicaclone · last update: 1450803704 · posted: 1450775081

If you are looking for Christmas activities for your kids, I suggest you take them to Port of Lost Wonder. Brought my daughter there and she absolutely adored it. There were lots of things to do like making one's gingerbread man, bubble party and her favorite carousel.

started by: jonaroysg · last update: 1450790454 · posted: 1450715684

What is the best way for transiting to toddler bed?

started by: weena · last update: 1449504170 · posted: 1448622243

What international school do you recommend for my kids, primary level?

started by: m&m-34247 · last update: 1449328104 · posted: 1449222524

My daughter wants a magician for her birthday party...where can we hire one? Thank you.

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Where to buy hats in Singapore online?  

started by: weena · last update: 1448806265 · posted: 1448457934

My son is having problems with his math. I am looking for a patient tutor who can come to our house? Thanks.

started by: jessicaclone · last update: 1448360447 · posted: 1448008814

I had a date with my lovely daughter at the Pororo Park. We had such fun together. She loved the indoor playground and I had some 'me' time at Loopy's Cafe. You have to bring your young kids to this park. 

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Do you have any suggestions of where we could stay in Kota Kinabalu that's ideal for a family with small children? Thank you.

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