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Hello everyone, My family is moving to singapore for a 4 month stint in mid-february. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I have a daughter who is a year and we are looking for a playgroup. Also, we don't know where to go and what to see. I've heard the shopping is fantastic. Can anyone recommend an excellent pediatrician? I would prefer an AAP member. Are there any dangers that I should be aware of especially in regard to children and health. After reading some of the pages about worms, lice, and blood pneumonia I'm a little frightened, not to mention bird flu. Is it safe for my daughter and I to go out without my husband? I know its a lot of questions but I'm just not sure what to expect and how best to be prepared. Thanks so much, Rebekah

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My daughter will be 16 in March and wondered if any other parents had some ideas for a special celebration...and any advice!

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Just found this site, what a great source of info...we are moving to Singapore in January, so in the last throws of organising everything and Christmas!!!! I've sorted schools for my elder child, but need a nursery school for my youngest...I can see a whole list on your site which is brilliant just wondered if anyone has one they can highly recommend. Tiggy

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Someone sent an email to AngloINFO asking about Children with Disabilities information under an autoposter suggestion which means unless they give us their email address we are unable to reply. We have a comprehensive information page on Children with Disabilities in Singapore. If anyone feels that something is missing or needs more details please let us know. Lynn

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We are trying to get our kids into a good International school here, with some difficulty. Does anyone know anything about a new school called ER International School that does have spaces?

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I want to buy a bike for my 10 year old son but nothing too expensive as he isn't one to look after his things too well. Where can I get one for a reasonable price? Anybody have an idea?Freddy

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How aware are you about what your teen is up to? My 18 year old commented that he saw some of his younger sister's friends at MOS and they are 15. How safe is it here? How are clubs regulating or verifying age. It seems most of the teens have false ID. If caught what are the consequences?

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Does anyone have any information about Centrestage? It's apparently a drama/dance/singing workshop group for young children based here in Singapore. I'm looking for these types of lessons for my 11 year old daughter. Thanks Mrs C

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Is it possible to get longer visas for parents when they come and visit? My mother would like to come for 2 or 3 months, to miss the worst of winter back home.

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Can anyone recommend a nice athletics club for my 11 year old?

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Don't forget to go to the UWC community fair tomorrow from 10:00 to 16:00, lots for children to see and do.Lynn

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Hello can anyone recommend a swim or rather water confidence class for month 10mth old baby ?

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My daughter of 14 months is the sweetest little girl, but I am always so stressed around meal times. Seems she doesn't like anything I put in front of her. My whole day is made if she eats 1 little jar of baby food. How can I interest her in better food? Hen

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Does anyone know of any music groups or classes for pre-school aged children?

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Our old hot water bottle is no more...need to buy another as excellent for sore tummies. Where would I start to look in Singapore?

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I am part of a playgroup with my toddler of nearly 2. Last week we were at someones house and she had a dedicated playroom. Most toys never leave the playroom but she told me she has the maid disinfect all the toys once a week. With the bacteria thriving in tropical climates etc.etc. she thought this was necessary. I hadn't even thought of this and it seems a bit excessive. Should I consider following suit? Yoka

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When your child is taking a cab, always ask them to text SMS you the taxt number. If they leave anything in the cab ...you know which cab...if the cab driver is a bit odd you can report him and equally if the cab driver knows or sees the child making a  note of his number its no bad thing. my daughter does it and it makes her feel more comfortable.

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Are there any organised get togethers for boarding school children...when my kids are here they don't really know anyone so it would be useful to meet up with other children that board abroad.

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My daughter is 11 years old and is on the receiving end of some bullies at her school. At school it is very subtle and hard for the teachers to spot, but on the internet/MSN it is just mean! The ring leader has changed her call sign to MustHateJ, J being my daughter and is trying to set up a group of J-haters. My daughter doesn't want me to go to the teacher, how can I help her otherwise though? Caren

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My son just joined the ANZA Soccer. I was very impressed, what an incredible organisation and all voluntary and consequently inexpensive. Well done ANZA

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