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My daughter gets very addicted to the Simms, its quite good but am worried that she is becoming obsessive about it...anyone else have these issues

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Hi, anyone here knows the hospital or clinic near Braddell has the service for general health check up and vaccination for children? I know NUH has the children's clinic, but it is too far from where we are staying. Thanks for the help. chen

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Does anyone know of a maths tutor for some extra lessons for my son? He is 11 years old and although he isn't bad at maths, he lacks confidence which makes him almost scared to start a sum, especially sums "in a story". Hugh

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Just discovered my 6 year old has head lice and am horrified. I bought the liquid treatment to get rid of them but someone said it can cause cancer as it has all sorts of horrid chemicals and it is better to get rid of them through a special shampoo that is used daily...can anyone give me more information

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Anyone know a good place to buy a trampoline for the kids, want a good brand with safety features, thinking of Xmas..might need to order in advance.

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I have a 15 year old daughter who is at school here in Singapore. I shouldn't complain probably, but I worry because she works so hard. The school has a homework policy of not giving more than a few hours of homework each day, but she often spends 4 hours doing hers. She is a straight A student and I've told her she should let the reigns go a little bit but she is worried about not 'making the grade'. Teachers have told me that is an unnessary concern. Don't know how to help her. I'm thrilled she is doing well but also want her to have a little more fun. Don't want her to switch off and go to the other extreme of not working hard. How do I get her somewhere in the middle? Anyone with experience on this subject out there? Hen

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Hi has anyone got some safety gates or can tell me where to buy. My baby is just starting to move and I'm terrified about the steps and the hard marble floors, we need to start blocking areas off. Many thanks

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Just thought I'd share this snippet of info...recently my 5 year old has not been sleeping too well, constantly waking in the middle of the night. My friend suggested it was worms, I was horrified...well tried giving the medication and all has been well since. An Australian friend says she de worms her kids every 6 months...is this the norm here, it seems a bit excessive?

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I see that the Pied Piper is on at the Esplanade at the end of September...anyone been to these children's show before are they any good...I have 3 children age 11, 9 and 7 or will it be too young for them

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