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My girls are being challenged to the skinny test and I'm glad they did not succumbed to peer   pressure. Can we report this to the school officials?

started by: jessicaclone · last update: 1435053106 · posted: 1434637103

What's the best way to clean toys?

started by: m&m-34247 · last update: 1434831746 · posted: 1434726223

My daughter had a reallet great time petting the chickens here. She loved being around them.

started by: shygirl · last update: 1434554470 · posted: 1434361708

Can you please recommend a good gymnastics teacher for kids? Thanks.

started by: weena · last update: 1432921875 · posted: 1389350685

Can a 5year old allowed to go to voice lessons? Thanks.

started by: strange1 · last update: 1432029440 · posted: 1429630130

Do you know any tuition centre that specialises in these skills? My son is also ADHD, I need somone with experience with special kids. Thank you.

started by: strange1 · last update: 1431461305 · posted: 1430990644

My son has ADHD and needs to keep him on the go. We discovered the AMPED trampoline park and he had so much fun. I recommend if you have hyper kids or if they are diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. They will love it there. We went to their branch in River Valley. 

started by: yogabagaba · last update: 1431332579 · posted: 1431020728

Where can I take my kids for hiphop class?

started by: Verna-53243 · last update: 1430934672 · posted: 1430819235

We're moving into a new neigborhood in the East near the Bedok area. What playgroup can you recommend for my 20 month old daughter?

started by: m&m-34247 · last update: 1430848567 · posted: 1430399725

Does anybody know where I could take my daughter to join a theatre workshop for kids ages 6 years old? Thanks.

started by: yogabagaba · last update: 1430741268 · posted: 1430480888

I'm bringing my kids today at this musical adventure at the School of the Arts Singapore - Drama Theatre. It's a really good musical for all ages. I highly recommend this. They will be on until May 3.

started by: jessicaclone · last update: 1430736654 · posted: 1430402020

Found this in the What's On section - parents if you are looking for things to do for your kids http://singapore.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/31821/sports-holiday-camp

started by: Ellie-38853 · last update: 1428486417 · posted: 1405948760

Any suggestions for a good summer camp for girls 13-15 years old?

started by: Verna-53243 · last update: 1427533563 · posted: 1427292970

My baby has a difficult time sleeping in the evening when she reached 9 months old. I thought it would change but after two months she still hasn't changed. I researched and found the Baby Sleep Fairy in Angloinfo. She is indeed a fairy, after our initial consultation, we followed the action plan and voila, we said goodby to sleepless nights. I highly recommend Tammy. Here's the link to her website: http://www.babysleepfairy.com/

started by: m&m-34247 · last update: 1426607098 · posted: 1426163379

My daughter can't sit still. Is this a sign of ADHD?

started by: Mr. W · last update: 1426338855 · posted: 1425892209

I was browsing the What's On of Angloinfo when I saw this parenting workshop. This is good for families with small kids. http://singapore.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/31306/free-parent-workshop-developing-fundamental-movement-and-gross-motor-skills

started by: Ellie-38853 · last update: 1426238723 · posted: 1425304241

Hi, I am looking for summer camps for 13-15 years old? Would love to hear from you. Thanks.

started by: Little Keeper · last update: 1426100337 · posted: 1426078902

We provide reliable, trustworthy babysitting service for parents with young children. We currently provide baby sitting services on weekends, weekday afternoons, and nights throughout the year. We are trustworthy and have experience working with young children! Our Little Keeper babysitters provide your child/ren with stimulating activities. - Reading together.  - Helping the children with their homework. - Playing outdoor games.  Outdoor games include kick-the-can, hide-and-seek, red Rover, Simon says, etc. - Engaging in sports or physical competitions.  Sports include flag football, tennis, golf, etc.  Physical competitions include seeing who can jump rope the longest, who can use the hula-hoop the longest, etc. - Playing visual games.  Visual games, I-Spy, etc. - Going to the park, a playground, or other recreational area.  - Creating arts and crafts projects together. - Preparing meals together. End of shift reporting. Our Little Keeper babysitters will give you a verbal report about how the babysitting went (where they went, what they did, what was eaten, how the child's appetite was, what behaviours we saw throughout the day, what school work was done, etc.). Little Keeper Babysitting journal When you take on our services, you will be given a babysitting journal, this journal has important information about your child which you want to share with our Little Keeper babysitters. Throughout the babysitting session, or near the conclusion of each babysitting session, our Little Keeper babysitters record notes of how the babysitting went.  This journal is then left at a place agreed upon with the parents for their subsequent review. If you are unable to meet with your Little Keeper babysitter, they can provide you with telephone or e-mail reporting.  Fees Rates quoted are per child, if you have more than 1 child, there is an additional fee of $5 1.         Ad Hoc Sitting per hour:  $ 25 2.         Two times a week or 8 hours: $ 160 3.         Three times a week or 12 hours: $ 240 4.         Weekend Sitting Day (6 Hours) : $120 5.         Weekend Sitting Night (6pm – 2 am): $ 200 6.         Monday to Friday 8 am to 7pm: $ 1200 /per week

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What's a good preschool that uses play based learning tools? Thanks.

started by: tasha-69661 · last update: 1425662698 · posted: 1425469942

What indoor playground can you recommend in the BCD area? I am looking for a clean and well-maintained place with child attendants who can look after small kids. Thanks.

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